This week, in light of World Environment Day, we have a new release on the fissara website showing how we’re the number one software to support sustainable business. How do you ask?

We thought we’d put together a new blog post to explain exactly how we could help you and your business massively reduce your carbon footprint, a huge key goal for any successful business in 2017.

Firstly, our software allows your company to go completely paperless, not only can you collect your data paperlessly with fissara’s cutting edge forms system, which allows you to design and create forms and instantly deploy them to your workforce for completion, but the cloud-based nature of fissara allows the data you collect to be accessed anywhere removing the need for printing and copying; fissara cuts the amount of paper you consume massively. So far over 210,000 electronic forms have been completed using the current version of fissara just think of all the forms you and your employees complete on a day to day basis?

Following on from this, not only do you save on paper with fissara you save on the copious amounts of admin hours needed to process all of that data. Less admin? Fewer wages spent on hours of tedious paperwork allowing your staff to spend their time more proactively. When using our software customers see up to 50% reduction in their contract and admin costs. Not only are we saving trees, we’re saving you money.

fissara can also save you huge amounts of money on fuel and drastically reduce your company’s carbon emissions. Our app will calculate the distance between jobs or appointments and will also calculate which remote worker (with the correct skills and/or equipment necessary for the job) is most suited to do the job based on his current schedule and distance from his home.  Removing ALL wasted journeys. This means that your teams are at their optimal productivity, ensuring more efficient work is done in the same time frame, substantially reducing operating costs, vehicle wear and you guessed it, resizing your carbon footprint.