Workflow Management

Improve and optimise your operational process flows using fissara workflows

Workflow Management

fissara puts processes into workflow management diagrams

With our workflow management software we have everything you need to manage your business processes covered. Because fissara is built on our own Enterprise Service Platform, we can trigger events and outputs based upon your configured workflows.

Use fissara workflow management to push information around the system or generate external content and data flows based on your own processes and trigger events.

When you schedule a visit to a customer, they need to know when the engineer will arrive, how long he/she will be onsite and receive a comprehensive report of the work carried out. Your supplier needs to know what equipment has been installed and a compliance body needs to have an audit trail of the activities carried out. fissara takes care of everything and allows you to continually improve your processes and practices.

Process & Workflow

  • User development of complex workflows
  • Workflow roles and groups can be set up
  • Trigger points throughout the system
  • Map your processes into the system easily
  • Build tailored outcomes to set off other processes 

fissara can automatically…

  • Provides a graphical view of active workflows
  • Sends text messages to customers
  • Produces and emails reports
  • Update external systems via API
  • Provide real time reporting over the web

What can we do with technology to help you?

By bringing together up to date technology and layering on the features and functions you told us were important we’ve created a cloud based service which is big on benefits and easy on your pocket.

Workflow Management

“fissara have a very good understanding of Airwave’s business and processes and have delivered a system that gives quality data and detailed control over our resources, while at the same time giving us the ability to dynamically manage priorities. We have worked well with fissara to define the functionality we require and the next set of features.”

John Lewis, Airwave COO

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