Zaen’s World – What makes MANAGE SOoOoO different

In a world of increasing workloads… and reduced patience, companies find it harder and harder to manage their workers, understand effective routine, become more responsive to every day obstacles and adapt to those evolving requirements. That’s so 2020 and here at Fissara we do things a little different. Our Manage platform has been hand crafted from the ground up to facilitate the everyday needs you have as a business from a workforce management point of view and make them sOoOoO much easier to handle. From building custom design forms covering all aspects of data entry all the way to a smarter way of scheduling jobs for your field workers based off of their proximity; not only save time and resources, but giving you the ability to reduce the global footprint your making by reducing travel frequency. We have all bases covered!

And it doesn’t stop there… We’ve adopted a new approach to Fissara’s way of life. Our new tagline ‘INCLUSION’ takes into account all areas of business which we feel could be more connected. These include bridging the gaps between industries in which we’ve never ventured (because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want Fissara Manage pfft) & creating a more inclusive workspace amongst not only our internal team but with clients as well, so that they can themselves have a hands on approach with product development. With this in mind, we are so excited for the new features lined up such as the NEW stock management system, which seamlessly integrates inventory management and transport across all your operational streams, from booking on jobs to actioning them. We are also close to announcing our incredible milestone regarding the release of the iOS App, alongside our current Android version. We have tirelessly been working to redevelop our App and bring it up to a new Golden standard and in keeping with our tagline, included more platforms to support it. These are only a few of the major changes heading to Manage… so don’t worry… the fun doesn’t stop here… there is still so much more to come