We are so pleased to announce we are now qualified as part of the Achilles UVDB, the utility industry pre-qualification system used across the UK.

Achilles UVDB works closely with key buying organisations in the sector and helps them achieve the highest standards of supply chain assurance.

All the buyers in the sector are able to see fissara’s credentials. This will save then time when selecting reputable suppliers and provide further assurance to them that fissara meets the standards they expect from supply partners. After all, there’s a lot hinging on that business relationship – not just for them, but for us too.

Our buyers’ need to be sure we are compliant with key legislation and regulations, particularly in areas like health and safety, environment, quality and corporate social responsibility.

So if you are registered with Achilles you can confidently select fissara as a supplier, if not you’ll understand why becoming part of Achilles might just be worth your while.