A hugely complex project...

Oliver Dowden, the UK culture secretary, has just announced in the Commons the Government’s plans to phase out the role of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. The decision has come about after serious security concerns have been raised in the US and UK.

Understanding the complexity required to build the UK networks gives us a good deal of insight into how difficult it will be to unpick what has been deployed so far. In order to keep things running whilst the extraction takes place, UK network operators will require telecoms infrastructure businesses to replace what is removed with an alternative while ensuring little or no downtime. This is not unlike changing the tyres on your car whilst driving.

One thing is certain: any company involved in the removal of Huawei equipment will have to evidence the removal and provide a full audit trial for every site visit and asset returned to the warehouse.

fissara’s experience in accurately planning, managing and scheduling activities like these will prove an enormous benefit. Our platform will support this removal programme and record, in detail, every action carried out in the office, on the road and on site. With fissara MANAGE you’ll be confident that your teams remain compliant at all times and can dynamically report on the progress of the challenge at hand with confidence.

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