You might think we are a little bias on this point, and hey that’s probably true, but if you’re still managing important business processes on paper you’re shooting yourself, your business and your staff in the foot. Sound a bit overdramatic? Well here’s 5 reasons that will explain why it’s not:

The cloud.
‘The cloud?’ you whisper nervously. Yes, the cloud. For those who have been living under a Windows XP rock, you know who you are, the cloud allows you to save data (whether that be important paperwork or pictures of the family dog Toto) online. From here it’s accessible anywhere, anytime. You can even create shared folders between you and other people. Imagine not waiting on Gavin the office Super model who has well over the standard 28 days holiday a year to email that important document over whilst he suns himself in Barbados. What if he could save that into a folder you could access at any point? Sounds cool, right?

Forms, forms and more forms.
No operational business can avoid filling out lots of forms. These forms when processed through paper require printing, dispatching, updating (which then means discarding the originals), reprinting and then filling out. Wait, we’re not done. Then they need to be processed, extensive admin is required whether that’s physical admin such as filing them or even inputting the data gathered into spreadsheets. Or you can remove all these processes, use a simple to use software which allows you to create, edit and dispatch forms which are stored electronically, do not require massive amounts of admin and are easily accessible as opposed to paper forms which are easily lost. Not only that, electronic data capture has been proven to be more efficient and more reliable and searching and analysing all that data is a breeze.

Speed up internal and external approvals
The fun thing about business is most things need to be signed off. I’m lying, it isn’t fun and occasionally it can be a tedious waiting game – especially when it’s played on paper. (Que side glance to Gavin the office Super model who also lets paperwork sit on his desk for 6 days). Paper-based approvals are difficult to enforce and even more difficult to track. Especially when it’s between 2 businesses. Who’s tracking down the person who needs to sign the document? Once your document has made it to their office how do you ensure it makes it to the right person and when it doesn’t end up accidentally in the waste paper basket with that weekly pizza advert or worse yet in the wrong hands violating regulatory compliance. What if you could send your documents straight to the intended recipient and their signature could be captured instantly and electronically? Oh wait, you can.

Save the environment… and your purse strings.
Not only does going paperless, along with the increased efficiency it brings, reduce your carbon footprint, it saves your pocket. Costs are reduced and profits are increased through more efficient working processes, better allocation of time to more useful work processes and less money spent on hours and hours of admin. Also, let’s not forget the huge amount of costs in paper and printing. The average office uses 10,000 pieces of paper a year with 45% of those being thrown away in the first 24 hours. Oh and let’s not even mention increased productivity, I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

Improved customer service
Not only does going paperless increase your overall efficiency creating a better customer experience as goods and services are generally provided more efficiently and therefore of a better quality and a faster speed. Let’s be honest, better customer service generally leads to more customers, flip that around and you’re looking at a very different story which generally doesn’t end well. Many customers prefer what we call ‘self-service’ over directly contacting you. E.g calling you and waiting on hold. Think Uber VS ringing your local taxi rank, Just Eats vs ringing your local pizza place. In a generation of millennials, the world loves things simple and easy. If you can provide key information to customers electronically, or offer them a point of contact electronically (as an example check out our app Rectify) you’re putting yourself ahead of the game in your industry.