Peel Land and Property adopt Gophix and fissara for end to end property maintenance

“We are extremely pleased to announce that following an extensive trial period and the development of a number new functional enhancements Peel Land and Property Group have incorporated Gophix and fissara into their property maintenance toolkit.”

Gophix Property Team – fissara group

The solution that has been delivered enables tenants, security staff and property managers to simply capture issues with a property via our Gophix mobile application and subsequently provides the necessary servicing information to engineers, contractors and the property management team. The solution is the first fully digital end-to-end property maintenance system of its kind, paperless and efficient.

All “trouble ticket” information is managed through our new fissara Service Desk module allowing quick triaging of problems and allocation via an intuitive drag and drop workflow to the right engineers with the right skills in an instant. All key stakeholders are able to follow the progress of a trouble ticket on its journey to completion via a number of visual displays showing the status of the job. We also provide a modern set of dashboards for analytics and reporting. The objective is to increase productivity and efficiency when managing property issues by improving business processes and lowering the amount of administration work required to service tenants, ultimately significantly reducing operating costs.

The system utilises our existing fissara operational management platform, which incorporates a continuous improvement roadmap adding new features and technologies as they become available.