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At fissara we understand the complexity of running a telecoms infrastructure company. That’s why our solutions collate records of every job and activity you perform for your customers in one simple to use database. fissara enables you to manage multiple sites at hundreds of locations and all associated processes, from a single window.
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What do our customers say about us!

fissara is relied on by some of the biggest names in the industry – see our case studies to learn more.

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So how will my business benefit?

Our telecoms customers have realised a vast range of operational and commercial benefits by implementing fissara in their business. You can download our Telecoms Benefits brochure by clicking the button below or simply browse the case studies highlighted on the page.

Managing Telecoms Engineers Software UK


From handling their personal details via our HR Centre to scheduling tasks, fissara does it all. Our comprehensive solution allows you to easily manage your workers and your projects through one simple system. 

Not only can we help you organize when and where they are, we can also manage the how.

With fissara’s route optimization, your jobs will always be assigned to the closest engineer with the right skills and tools, so inefficient and wasted journeys become a thing of the past.

fissara lets you create specific teams with particular skills and assign them to geographical areas. Time recording is automated from the moment your engineers set off until the job is finished, so you can quickly view every detail of the hours spent on your clients’ projects.

Telecoms Data Capture


fissara enables your engineers to complete the relevant work forms paperlessly, and that means time and money saved. You can also create, edit and instantly dispatch updates to those forms, so your engineers are always bang up to date.

    • Save hours of time for your engineers, freeing them to concentrate their skills on productive core activities.
    • Eliminate the tedious admin and paperwork which adds time to each job.
    • Make gathering information simple, minimize the risk of human error and enhance the integrity of captured data


Cloud based data management telecoms industry


There’s no longer any need to waste time and patience tracking down information through endless spreadsheets, files and paperwork. fissara not only makes your system completely paperless, it makes it easy to manage and use too, with all your data in one simple database, viewable through innovatively designed web screens.

Crucially, the data storage is all cloud-based, so information can be accessed anywhere at anytime. It’s the way things are moving – in fact it’s estimated that by 2018, at least 30% of service-centric companies will move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud.

Along with placing all the management information you need at your fingertips, fissara also allows the quick delivery of reports and details to your clients. Furthermore, our managed service packages are tailored to suit your needs. fissara can provide software support, devices, airtime and even accidental damage insurance.

Telecoms Health and Safety Software fissara


In telecoms, it’s clearly critical to comply with health & safety fully, and fissara helps you do so with certainty on every job, through a variety of tools:

  • Dynamic risk assessments used onsite that can be updated or changed within seconds.
  •  The ability to complete risk assessments when anybody arrives at site.
  •  Online health and safety documents, RAMS, risk assessments, method statements, job packs, Tool Box briefing and more to the mobile application ensuring you are always compliant.
  • Online certificates, IDs and credentials for simple onsite auditing.
  •  Lone worker features to ensure the safety of your employees at all times.
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