Systems Integration

Lets get everything connected up

We understand that there are other systems out there & we know how to connect to them

The process of creating a complex information system from multiple platforms,  architectures and applications is vital for a modern business. Adding another software and communications component correctly is something we have a lot of experience of and actually it is what fissara is designed to do.

We have the expertise & capabilities

We can connect to your key data systems, external data sources and create web interfaces to your partner and supplier systems. Although we have a set of pre-defined APIs there is a chance your systems may be different.

Our approach is to take things in small steps and complete a gradual integration in parallel to the deployment of fissara. What we will do is to keep things as simple and painless as possible.

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fissara’s open APIs

APIs are published as XML or JSON. As well as APIs there are a number of downloads available in CSV.

  • Job creation
  • Problem/Fault
  • Create a new customer
  • Create a new site
  • Job status updates
  • Job data
  • Form data

Manage all onsite activities

Bringing together every job and activity you do for your customers in one simple to use database. Manage multiple sites and hundreds of location from a single window


“fissara have a very good understanding of Airwave’s business and processes and have delivered a system that gives quality data and detailed control over our resources, while at the same time giving us the ability to dynamically manage priorities. We have worked well with fissara to define the functionality we require and the next set of features.”

John Lewis, Airwave COO

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