Congratulations Zaen

Meet the Story teller behind our MANAGE Product

We are really pleased to announce the appointment of Zaen Nakvi to the position of Product Owner for fissara Manage. This is a big position to fill but Zaen will fit into it very comfortably.

If you don’t know what a Product Owner is then hopefully this will provide a little insight. In essence they are Story Tellers, not in a Jackanory sense but to tell a development team how a product or feature needs to behave in order to meet the needs of a customer. Ultimately that story should delight the customer, this then makes for a better Story teller and so the cycle continues.

So, in the world of software development the Product Owner represents the customers interests by resolving conflicts and prioritising a list of requirements the product should have and therefore the customer has the functions and features they need to operate their business.

Zaen came to fissara as a Junior Business Analyst in December 2019 and has quickly shown his prowess in defining and delivering new features of our MANAGE proposition so the step up to Product Owner is well deserved…Congratulations Zaen!