Chelsea Lever – Sales Manager

Chelsea joined the business at the beginning of 2020 and has been leading the charge with fissara MAINTAIN, our innovative maintenance platform designed to deliver efficiencies for businesses in the property sector.

As our team has had a second growth spurt recently, we are very pleased to announce that Chelsea has taken over as Sales Manager from 1st October which is great news.

Superhero Name: HURRICANE Ability to start Hurricanes after whipping up a force 5 in Cuba

Zeke Mellor – Business Development

A new addition to the sales team, Zeke joined fissara a few weeks ago. Zeke has had his head down since then learning about our products and propositions.

We really did throw Zeke in at the deep end but (as we expected) he’s already booking meetings with new customers and talking to businesses about what fissara MOVE offers, an end to end management solution to Waste and Skip companies.

Superhero Name: DOUBLEDECKS A lockdown bedroom DJ legend

Jade McNeil – Business Development

Jade also joined the team only a few weeks ago but is already displaying her acute attention to details as we redefine and simplify our products and propositions

Like Zeke, Jade will be focussing on fissara MOVE and has the skills to get anyone talking about the challenges their business may face. Jade’s constant positive approach and enthusiasm are clearly unstoppable.

Superhero Name: CHAMELEON Ability to entirely change the colour scheme in her home by thought alone

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