Property Management

Property management should be focusing on your customers, not your paperwork.

With fissara you can reduce hundreds of forms down to a handful of electronic processes, efficiently schedule routine visits and ensure all maintenance work is completed on time to a high standard. fissara connects your office to property managers and maintenance engineers – and now with fissara’s Gophix  app you can connect with tenants too. It’s easy to improve reaction times and automate problem solving with a full and detailed audit trail, and eradicate the paperwork in the process.


Property Management Repair Engineer Scheduling

From handling your team’s personal details with our HR Centre to scheduling their jobs, fissara does it all. Our comprehensive solution allows you to easily manage your property managers, maintenance staff, cleaners and more through one simple system. You can ensure the actions you take to resolve problems happen quickly and in the right order, so there’s no time wasted due to un co-ordinated activities. Fissara also makes sure every job is assigned to the right person with the correct skills to complete the task. Not only that, they will know exactly what they need to do, so no more costly mistakes or unfinished jobs.

Data Capture Software for Property Management

Along with letting your permanent and contracted staff fill in forms paperlessly – saving time and money – fissara allows you to create, edit and instantly dispatch forms to them via a mobile app. When forms, activities and job are complete you can instantly check the results online. The benefits are hard to ignore:

  • Saves hours of time for your staff, so they can focus on the most productive activities and ensure the service you provide is at its best.
  • Saves hours of tedious admin processing paperwork and creating customer reports by hand.
  • Reduces the risk of human error – meaning more accurate data – and minimises the risk of uncompleted mandatory paperwork and regulatory assessments.

Rectify property management app issue reporting

Gophix is an app designed by fissara specifically for the property management sector – provided FREE for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Coupled with our fissara cloud management service, Gophix takes property management technology to the next level. It allows your tenants to instantly log faults through a simple app on their phone, avoiding the need for numerous calls to call centres and emails going backward and forward. Through the Gophix app, users are kept up to date with instant automated responses when the issue is being handled by you.

Property Management Health and Safety Software

Property, health & safety and periodic inspections can be designed and completed with fissara:

  • Fire risk assessments are scheduled and completed on time to your exacting standards.
  • Dynamic risk assessments that can be updated or changed within seconds at the property.
  • Capture any type of safety information required by law by creating a simple process.
  • Relevant online certificates, IDs and credentials can be displayed on the app to ensure public safety.
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