From conception to delivery, fissara MAKE is a custom software development service designed to solve your biggest organisational challenges, help you grow and become more sustainable.

“fissara have delivered a system that gives quality data and detailed control over our resources, while at the same time giving us the ability to dynamically manage priorities.”

John Lewis, Airwave COO

We don’t only make incredible products

Our experience with building business products has always shown us importance of keeping things simple, hiding complexity and providing powerful software that bucks the trend. Since 2013 we have delivered innovative, up to date solutions that are disruptive both technically and commercially.

We have developed many different products across a number of key markets – but our approach to design remains the same. Whether we are creating a bespoke solution, hybrid system or a world class product, we know how to create simplicity, efficiency, and a great user experience.


Our products are hosted modular software systems designed for operational businesses. Using these toolkits, you can build interlinked modular solutions to support the operational elements of your business.


For greater speed and flexibility, our development methodology enables us to bring pre-built components from our library and together with new, tailored functions to meet the needs of specific projects.


We are always looking for opportunities to meet new challenges. We have developed a vast array of bespoke solutions ranging from Knowledge Management Systems to Embedded IOT connected components.

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