Taking our experience, knowledge and skills in operational management software we have built a number of niche products in both the Property Maintenance and  Waste Management sectors. These products have been developed and driven by a few of our customers that needed a better simpler and all together more intuitive solution than was available on the market.

Customer driven solutions made into great products

In most cases we have tailored fissara and added features and functions to meet the needs of our clients, but when we’ve seen a gap in the market for an innovative solution we go one step further and develop a new product and proposition.

Gophix and Aderro are two of these products, built using our knowledge of designing modern systems that dynamically manage processes, people and events that will deliver efficiency and productivity to every business that utilise them.


We developed Gophix in conjunction with Peel Land and Property Group after they had spent some time trying to find a solution to a particular problem with a number of other suppliers. They decided on fissara because of our expertise in making operational systems that are both flexible and usable. Designed for the Property Maintenance market, Gophix is a sophisticated modular addition to our fissara platform providing an entirely digital system that manages the maintenances of properties and connects tenants directly with agents and landlords using the latest technology.

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Aderro is an innovative software product that streamlines the entire process of waste and bulk transport management. Aderro was developed in partnership with two companies, TJ Transport and South coast Skips, both of which were struggling to find a flexible and suitable system to manage the different types of services they provide. Aderro combines the management of waste collection and the movement of bulk materials into one single cloud platform. The product features customer quoting through to invoicing and all the operational processes in between.

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We understand the critical importance 
of operational software

All of our products are designed with a skilled mobile workforce in mind that require flexibility in their jobs and activities. We also understand that managing a successful service business requires highly dynamic processes and effective tools to drive quality and productivity improvement throughout the business

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