Hot off the press – Fissara 1.2 is here!

We’ve added a whole host of new features to fissara and formul8 which will make the job of capturing data even easier…

We believe we have the most intuitive and powerful data capture tools on the market today!

After listening to our customers we’ve been busy creating new features that have put much more flexibility into capturing and viewing data.


Repeating sections and questions – When you’re designing a form you can allow the mobile user to duplicate parts of the form in the mobile app as and when they need to, so if you’re surveying a site and its grown from 1 floor to 10, you can add another floor on the fly.

Adding notes – Each section now has a field where you can put guide notes or any information you want the mobile user to see when they fill in the form, this cuts down on training and structuring long winded questions to make sure the answer is what you’re expecting.

Adding text to captured images – Not only can you draw and sketch on the images you capture on site you can now add text too. We’ve created a really simple to use tool that lets the picture do the talking.

Pinpoint completed forms – We’ve enhanced the Search and View functions online, it’s now possible to search a date range and view and export collected data in 4 different ways; Online, Microsoft Word/Excel and Adobe PDF.

Mobile Apps facelift – Well it was time to push the boundaries of our app design again so we’ve taken lots the latest Android standards and built them into our beautiful apps. There are new ways to see jobs in fissara and a great slidey menu that keeps the things tidy with more room to work.