fissara – Open Standard Toolkit and Building Blocks

A world class toolkit and platform underpinning fissara for Connectivity, Security, Flexibility, Scalability & Productivity

The building blocks we use to create great solutions

Our niche is to create Operational Management Software in areas where there is a need to modernise and use technology to its best advantage. We simplify process and ensure ease of use for all our broad spectrum of users.

The key to consistently delivering modern innovative solutions is the collaborative approach we take and the proven development path we use. In this way we can rapidly create bespoke solutions, hybrid systems or fully supported products driven by market needs and customer requirements.

fissara is our original service delivery platform built following this development methodology, if you like our first born.  It enables rapid development and deployment of business applications using pre-built building block components. At its core, is an open standards service driven platform, which can integrate applications and data without costly bespoke development. This SOA* (Service Oriented Architecture) platform provides a world class integration, communication and standardised environment which is scalable and flexible for future needs.

Although we utilise many other newly developed components, fissara is defined from our 7 KEY COMPONENTS that form the foundation on which all of fissara is built. As the modern world demands mobility of applications and data, fully integrated components create a fast and secure mechanism to develop mobile applications.

fissara is not a large licence heavy software product that you buy and install, it is a basis that allows us to deliver your application and data requirements quickly and effectively.

The benefit of fissara to you

  • Low Cost
    You are not buying a hefty software product that you have to make work – you are buying applications that address your issues, the platform is the underlying technology. Therefore, you have the platform ready for future developments.
  • Commercial Flexibility
    for reference, such as: date time, work done, data collected etc.
  • Flexibilty
    Using the library of components, which is always expanding, provides a flexible and cost effective mechanism to build further applications or integrate to data sources.
  • Security
    Security isn’t an addition, its integral. Ready-made policies will save you time and money and help safeguard your business’s key assets. Data Encryption, Secure Communications and Multi-Factor Authentication are out of the box.
  • End to end applications
    fissara provides the ability to build web and mobile applications, which share data and processes in real time.  fissara’s service bus engine also adds the power of integration processing power to provide further robustness and automation.
  • Integrated Mobility
    Mobile phones and tablets are part of our every day life. Encapsul8 provides a secure and rapid development environment and components, which fully integrates mobile applications into business processes.
  • Scalability
    As your business grows, so can fissara, it won’t hold you back, security isn’t an addition, its integral.
  • Connectivity
    fissara provides a ready made SOA (Software Orientated Architecture) environment to deliver service orientated delivery in your business. fissara’s service bus, Mede8, can start to deliver integration, messaging and data transformation services quickly.
  • Fast, no very FAST Development
    As many of the core components are in place, developing applications is straight forward and made easier with a library of pre-built components and applications.
  • Remote Sensors
    Not only have we developed embedded software but we have also built the circuitry that will integrate the central platform with remote sensors or machinery. This will save you time and cost and provide guaranteed connectivity.

*SOA – Definition:

Our 7 Key Components

INFIN8 Application Libraries

Continually improve the efficiency of your field teams, reduce costs and improve customer service. Using drag and drop visual schedules and calculated travel times efficient daily schedules for your workforce can be generated.

ENCAPSUL8 Secure Mobile Container

As mobility becomes a vital part of businesses connecting to their people, wherever they are, addressing the challenges of securing business assets, resources and data on mobile devices become critical.

SECUR8 Universal Security

One customer’s view on security may vastly differ from the next because security obviously depends on the application or system that is being designed and developed – and when the commercial or the marketing team meets the IT Team, all worms come out of the proverbial can. We’ve all been there and done that.

MEDE8 The fissara Service Bus

In a networked and distributed computing environment, interoperability is the core of Mede8. Integrating with applications and systems on a secure and consistent basis is the key performance indicator measure of any deployed system within an enterprise or cloud-based system.

QOREL8 Management Console

Qorel8 is a web based management console interface that provides an easy to use and unified view of the system. Qorel8 delivers a consistent look and feel throughout, enabling users to be more productive on the tasks they want to perform.

INTEGR8 Systems Integration & Connectors

Integr8 is a suite of tools and connectors that allow out of the box integration to existing enterprise infrastructure, database and identity based systems. With ability to connect to legacy back-end systems and presenting them into the service-enabled environment, Integr8 offers a system wide connectivity layer to the fissara infrastructure.

SENS8 Remote Sensors

Sens8 automates physical objects turning them into smart and interconnected objects. Sens8 is a combination software and hardware with sensor connectors designed to be deployed in a utility network and connect it securely to the central platform where settings can be monitored or alert alarms or faults can be automatically raised.

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