Mobile Workers

42.5% of global workforce set to be mobile by 2022

Your Mobile workers have everything they need at their fingertips

Your workforce is increasingly mobile, ensuring your whole team is working efficiently and delivering the service you need to satisfy your customers contracts is vitally important. fissara’s Mobile Apps keep your mobile workers connected with access to everything they need to do a great job. This ensures your business operates as productively, efficiently and flexibly as possible.

Features of fissara mobile

Our tightly integrated mobile applications  provide turn-by-turn navigation, dynamic status of all jobs/activities and all the forms and documentation needed to deliver an excellent service on all your contracts. Your mobile teams have the ability to capture and share any data whilst working away from your office at your customers sites. fissara provides a whole host of features and functions only usually found by operating a number of mobile applications across your business.  All of our mobile applications are designed using a bright and fresh user interface that’s simple to navigate and even simpler to configure, by you, to match your business needs. This comprehensive functionality is unparalleled by other solutions and as you would expect integrate seamlessly into your working processes and with all other fissara modules.

Our mobile apps can be used on either a smartphone or tablet, all using the latest device software and features.

To help you get fissara up and running quickly not only can we set you going with great software we can also supply 1000s of different devices to suit your individual needs. We can even go one step further and provide everything you need as a bundled managed service for total peace of mind.

Key features include…

  • Give your remote workers the best tools, collect accurate data
  • Compatible with the latest Android OS 
  • Ultra flexible schedule options, job, activities and tasks, all allowing data recording
  • Stand alone forms data application compiled by you
  • Mobile workflow application built in
  • Full schedule details and job details
  • Comprehensive business logic functions keep your users on track
  • Satnav using device dependent mapping
  • Secure mobile application and communications
  • Work entirely seamlessly offline including digital ID and Lone Worker

We have now included a Digital ID and Lone Worker functions to our App. Coupled with a certification and document library on the device and a whole host of Health and Safety features and functions out of the box, our application is the only one your mobile workforce will need.

Never lose your connection

fissara mobile allows even your most remote workers to feel connected to your business. It proves up to the minute information about their jobs and activities, guiding them all the way.


“fissara have a very good understanding of Airwave’s business and processes and have delivered a system that gives quality data and detailed control over our resources, while at the same time giving us the ability to dynamically manage priorities. We have worked well with fissara to define the functionality we require and the next set of features.”

John Lewis, Airwave COO

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