Meet the Team

Meet our talented team of solution experts, software ninjas, technical gurus, and customer service aficionados.


CEO & Founder
“Bike, Car, Beer Repeat! I also enjoy spending time with my family, one hour is usually enough! I have a passion for music and try to squeeze in as many gigs as I can!”


“I enjoy exercise, DIY, watching New Zealand play all sports and hanging out with family and friends. I was born in NZ but spent most of my life living on an island home to the descendants of the mutiny on the bounty!”


National Sales Manager
“I enjoy taking long walks with my two dogs Bear and Winnie and playing netball for a local team. I also love travelling and have spent three months in America being a counsellor at Pennsylvania Summer Camp for kids.”


Head of Products & Services
“I enjoy going on long hikes, scuba diving and spending time abroad. I love to see new places, socialising, eating cheese and drinking beer!“


Head of Development
“In my spare time, I like playing online game WoW and spending time playing Rubik’s Cube and Piano with my daughter. This guy is boring, lazy and has nothing left!”


Product Owner
“I like going to the gym, gaming and have a strong passion for anything driving and car related. I used to professionally beatbox!”


Software Product Trainer
“I spend a lot of time in my print studio creating artworks, socialising with friends and walking our family Dog, Digby! I love anything plants, colour and interiors.”


Software Quality Assurance
“I enjoy DIY projects, drinking craft beers and travelling to new places. I have once flown in the cockpit of a Boeing 737!”


Business Development Executive
“I am left-handed, flat footed, like to bake, paint and write short stories. The name on some of my GCSE Certificates is JJ, because their system didn’t accept one letter names.”


Customer Service Advisor
“I enjoy swimming, watching movies and eating dominoes in my spare time. I also love to cook but really dislike washing the dishes afterwards!”


Regional Sales Manager
”I enjoy painting canvas’, decorating rooms and baking celebration cakes. I like to run around so I can eat anything Italian and drink more Aperol Spritz!”


Business Development Executive
“I have a passion for all things Rugby, Beer, Scuba Diving and Movie related. I am a secret AFOL and enjoy building and creating new creations!”


Customer Service Advisor
“I love Japanese culture, cooking and online rhythm games. I am also a local celebrity as I have been on the front page of my local newspaper!”