Team Work delivers major enhancements to the engineers who support the UK’s most critical communication network..

We are very please to announce the completion of a major upgrade of fissara for Airwave Solutions. Our “Triple D” teams (Design, Develop and Deploy) at fissara have been very busy over the last few months getting ready to release the most significant enhancements that we have ever done to fissara.

The new release features, amongst a long list of other great features, our powerful Proximity Scheduling that will provide a high level of automation when allocating engineering tasks based of skill, location and estimated availability. We’ve also added Asset Centre to this deployment, which provides an unparalleled monitoring, and management capability to the vast number of technical components and spares serviced, replaced and maintained by the engineers, giving instant visibility to stock locations and repair status through the fissara console.

Also notable in this release is the use of our “Hyperflow” driven workflow component which, we believe is the most adaptable and client configurable workflow solution available as a cloud service. Hundreds of different trigger events can be modelled to launch, new tasks, activities, emails, txt messages, alerts and even other workflows

About Airwave

Airwave delivers mission critical voice and data communications to organisations that provide vital public services – the police, fire and ambulance services, local authorities, health, utilities and transport providers.

Airwave has invested £1.4 billion to date to create the Airwave Network, which was purpose built to meet the needs of emergency services. The Network is totally secure, covers 99% of Great Britain’s landmass and is interoperable, meaning that for the first time members of different public service organisations can communicate with one another.

The Airwave Network is the first public service network in the world to offer secure, seamlessly integrated communications between emergency services and other emergency responders, and has made Great Britain a world leader in critical communication.

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