Adding automation to solar energy:

After what can only be called an incredibly slick and swift implementation (4 weeks from 1st fissara demo to go live) we are now happy to announce that the world’s largest Solar O&M provider is now happily using their configured fissara environment to control their total operation. This is a huge step for fissara and takes us into another new market sector with a that holds a vast number of companies that could seriously benefit from the ability to streamline their operations and provide a level of completely unrivalled customer service.

After a rather chance meeting at The RWM exhibition earlier this year our companies began a conversation that resulted in a visit to the Solar Energy Exhibition to demonstrate fissara to the senior management team.

Very quickly the team realised that although fissara hadn’t entered this market to date there was some significant benefits that our software could offer. Namely in terms of operational improvement, the totally customisable aspect of fissara to their current processes, a much larger part of their operation working under one roof and linking together, an SLA tracking system and the development of a listener for their smart monitoring system. This would see fissara automatically creating scheduled jobs based on the information it received from solar sites. Probably most astonishing to the team was that all of this could be done for the same monthly cost as their last provider.

fissara was constructed initially for the Telecoms market to allow Airwave (now Motorola) to reduce the amount of time spent scheduling and reporting and allow them to prove their work in terms of auditing. You can view the full case study here. Having built many more modules since then, fissara can now encompass the total operational aspect of so many different types of business and has been proved by this case completely. This can also be seen in some of our other case studies here and here

We are now working with some of the largest players companies in all of our target markets and are still seeking out new sectors where fissara can make a big business impact. So many businesses are seeing the benefits of how fissara can totally transform the task of managing operations from being a cumbersome and time consuming process using multiple systems and apps for different tasks to a streamlined, slick, automatic and productive part of their business.

Stay tuned for a full case study of the latest addition to the fissara family. In the meantime, why not see what fissara can do for you, Click Here, for access to our consultation Calendar to book a brief conversation with Ross (our James Bond lookalike/Sales Manager) and we can discuss just that.