“Driver error” is one of the most common causes of accidents in the UK. Of a total 108,479 crashes, sudden braking, failing to look properly, and loss of control was the significant causing factor – costing everyone, including the thousands of companies relying on their own mobile workforce, over £15 billion annually.

Research shows that vehicle telematics can not only reduce fleet accident claims but also offers several other cost benefits to companies using the technology.

Why you need to address fleet accidents in your company

Fleet accidents not only affect the drivers involved but also the company employing them. A recent report from McKinsey revealed that the average insurance claim (inclusive of property damage, staff compensation and third-party costs) was about £20,000 ($28,122) per incident.

It makes financial sense then for companies to pay attention to the rising risk (and cost) of fleet accidents.

A new survey shows that 36% of British drivers have been financially affected by a car accident that wasn’t their fault. Since this kind of monetary burden can affect an employee’s mental health and productivity, companies need to take heed of fleet accidents.

As mentioned earlier, fleet accidents are expensive. On average, 20% of company vehicles are involved in an accident every year.

What is vehicle telematics?

Vehicle telematics, which is typically retrofitted to a vehicle, is an innovative technology that collects vehicle data and stores it for later review. The types of data it collects often include driver behaviour information, video footage from the vehicle, the vehicle’s live status and its speed.

Vehicle telematics enables companies to track a driver’s location and activity, and communicate with them when necessary.

Telematics provides real-time data on each vehicle, accessed from a private admin panel or dedicated app. With features like diagnostics report and automatic collision notification, telematics data helps companies respond more quickly and efficiently to emergency situations.

How telematics reduces vehicle maintenance and fuel costs

Telematics is a data-enabled technology. The insights provided by telematics data can help to build an efficient fleet, manage vehicles, and significantly reduce maintenance and fuel costs. The data provided by telematics can also bring about profitable changes in your company almost immediately after the technology has been implemented.

Tracking behaviour

Studies have shown that telematics has a positive impact on fleet accidents and vehicle management. Monitoring driver behaviour and vehicle health enables companies to reduce fleet incidents by 80%, accident claim costs by 50%, and the overall number of claims by up to 30%.

In addition to that, telematics helps to bring down fuel costs and makes maintaining vehicles more cost-effective. By simply running regular diagnostics, you can avoid major maintenance issues and prevent excess fuel consumption.

Monitoring driving style

Aggressive driving results in more fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Drivers who drive at high speeds use 10.9% more fuel than others. Conversely, using cruise control can save an average of 5% in fuel use.

Since telematics is able to continuously monitor your drivers’ behaviour, drivers are usually more conscious of their driving style.

While environment-consciousness has made people re-evaluate their driving styles, actively educating drivers about carbon emissions can provide a tangible improvement in fuel costs overnight.

Currently, in Australia, authorities are developing a driver education program to highlight the various positive attributes of driver behaviour to improve safety, fuel use, and the environmental aspects of vehicle use in a fleet setting.

Geo-location enabled

Telematics can track miles. Because you always know where your drivers are, they enjoy little to no room to go ‘off-piste’. As a result, you have more control over their time and the amount you spend on fuel. This provides improvements in worker output and a direct reduction in fuel costs for your business.

fissara vehicle telematics to reduce fleet accident claims

fissara software is designed to help manage your workforce more efficiently. With integrated telematics, you can reduce accidents across your fleet by up to 20%.

fissara’s dedicated mobile app for drivers helps you communicate with your on-the-road staff more efficiently, as well as offering significant improvements in efficiency for your drivers as they travel around to complete jobs.

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