In 2021, consumers continue to gravitate toward buying online because they have easy and immediate access to products. So, businesses have no choice but to digitise their processes if they are to keep up with customer expectations.

But going digital for your customers is just one part of running a successful business. What about your internal operations? What about staff management?

The ability to work remotely could one day wipe out the need for physical offices. But that definitely won’t happen overnight. So, here is how you can use technology to increase your profitability gradually but effectively.

Reduce reliance on email. Improve communication.

The office has been replaced by a mobile workstation. And the digital divide is no longer a barrier to employment, it’s an accelerant.

“…it’s all about efficiency and ‘trimming the fat,” explains Frazer Kinsley, CEO of Hook Logistics. For this reason, businesses have already begun implementing new digital technology, software and apps to get more done – whether it is task management, customer service, or HR.

But a huge proportion of companies in the waste, transport, and property sectors are still solely relying on email or phone to communicate with their customers and employees.

Consider Uber and how they have revolutionised the way customers order a taxi without even making a phone call while still maintaining flawless communication. Companies like this will grow to become even more valuable in the future.

fissara’s desktop software and dedicated app allow you to engage in a similar method of smooth communication with employees and customers. The dedicated staff app provides seamless connectivity, allowing you to securely communicate, assign tasks, and monitor their progress without exchanging a single email or phone call.

Organise your assets. Reduce costs.

Hybrid and remote work will keep growing as businesses seek to cut employee travel costs, enhance employee productivity, and gather employees closer together.

If there is one thing that businesses need to learn, it is how to organise every asset that drives their business forward, including data and paperwork.

Technology can help you assemble all your assets in one place for easy search and monitoring.

For instance, fissara enables you to monitor the profitability of each vehicle or view the speed and efficiency of each staff member, as well as track their individual live location, so that you have full visibility of your most important operational information instantly.

All you have to do is log, locate, and monitor the health of your assets and staff to know how your business is performing.

Encourage collaborative working. Save time.

Technology can transform how your employees work. The benefits are clear and proven – simplifying operations, reducing miscommunication and admin, increasing employee morale and enabling your business to focus on its core business tasks.

The Cloud provides a new level of collaboration. It can centralise knowledge resources and data for your employees, so they can maintain an improved level of efficiency across all departments.

fissara lets you manage staff and teams more efficiently by assigning jobs based on staff skillset, live location or job importance. This approach helps to maintain a better organisational structure. Moreover, your employees can access critical information from anywhere, and it’s updated in real time. So, there is no stalling of work at the individual level, helping you increase productivity and save time on unnecessary admin, file sharing and communication.

Optimise your routes. Reduce fuel costs.

Smart scheduling is commonly used to improve productivity and decrease the overall cost of running a business.

Using tech, businesses can automate numerous processes such as employee communication with clients, sending the right employees to the right jobs at the right time, keeping track of employee whereabouts, etc.

Technology can also show you the best possible way to travel to each job based on an existing location or schedule, so your drivers save time and automate much of the admin involved in planning their journeys.

Users of fissara can plan multiple routes and journeys for each staff member. Ideal for drivers and the travelling workforce, fissara can help you save fuel and see the real-time location of where your employees are to improve efficiency.

Manage multiple projects on a single platform

Instead of dealing with hundreds of email chains between your employees, technology can help you easily manage multiple projects from one location.

You can also assign staff to them on-demand and track productivity and results.

fissara takes your project management one step further. It helps you visualise the real-time progress of your projects in just one click using independent workflows in the dedicated Project Centre .

fissara’s role in the future of businesses

Reducing the costs involved with getting started in remote work, training, on-the-job learning, staying productive in a mobile worker environment, and staying motivated are just a few barriers to profitability that fissara can eliminate.

fissara can help you automate up to 130 tasks per staff member every month, including billing and invoicing, improve fleet management by 50%, cut down back-office admin by half, and save up to £10k on annual print, paper, and postage costs. So, now you can save money while saving the planet.

We have only scratched the surface because there are additional 70 features that make fissara a brilliant asset for your small business. Explore them here.

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