At fissara we’re not just here to make managing your service business easier; we’re dedicated to making your engineers working day a breeze, simplifying tedious side tasks and allowing them to spend their time where it really matters, supporting your clients.

So what do we actually do beyond providing the #1 Field Force Management Software to help your engineers through their working day?

Automated time Recording – Our dynamic timesheet feature works out exactly how long your engineer has travelled and worked for, in real time on each activity. This data can be accessed effortlessly, anytime and anywhere. This means your engineers no longer need to track, record and report their working hours or time spent traveling, saving them more time to do the more important tasks.

The Benefit to You – All of the time your engineers spend working for your customers is collected and viewable centrally online. This makes billing and staff and contractor payment a much simpler process to manage..

Incidental and subsistence expenses – Using our secure data capture forms built in the fissara App your staff can record their expenses when they are away from the office. Instantly record and store any detail and take copies of receipts as and when it happens. With fissara expenses are no longer a dreaded chore at the end of the month, they’re an instantaneous process which takes just few seconds from your engineer’s busy day.

The Benefit to You – Create the perfect expenses form to match your business needs, ensuring all the data you need to process the claim is collected. You can easily apportion expenses to individual activities or clients if required. A simple signed and completed report is provided on the web with all the attached receipts that can be sent to our accessed directly by you accounts team.

Holidays and Training – Using the fissara App engineers can also complete Holiday Request Forms which can have a tailored approval process.  Once Holiday is approved your planners can see it in their schedules. Likewise, all training activity can be added to an engineer’s schedule so they when and where that next vital piece of learning will take place.

The Benefit to You – Administering leave, training or in fact any other non-work duty activity is recorded in your schedules ensuring you always know who is working and available and who is not. This all creates an easier, quicker and more transparent snapshot view of your workforce and cuts out all the cutting and pasting from one system to another.

Vehicle Maintenance and Simple Fleet Management – Keeping engineers mobile is vital in a dynamic service business and the last thing your engineers need is to have to remember to manage their vehicle servicing and maintenance dates. Fortunately, this is all included in our HR Centre so all they’ll have to do is get the vehicle to the garage.

The Benefit to You – No need to keep separate records of all your vehicle details whatever the size of your fleet. You can store Service, MOT, Tax and Insurance dates in fissara and see what is due when – at a glance.

Material & Equipment Tracking – We know an engineer’s best friends are his tools and equipment and that’s why we’ve produced a simple to use tracking solution so he’ll always know who has his favorite screwdriver or on what site she left the hydraulic pressure tester. Our stock system will also keep a record of the materials used and what stock is in the van or available at the warehouse.

The Benefit to You fissara lets you know exactly what you have in stock, where it’s located and when it needs to be re-ordered. Our materials and equipment tracking module contains all the information your engineers need to manage both their stock, including items that need to follow the ISO 55000 standard and expensive test equipment. You can also tell the system about items that have gone back to suppliers for repair meaning you’ll never lose anything again (We can’t actually guarantee that but we do our best to not let it happen!)

Fault Ticketingfissara’s fault ticketing allows your engineer to easily report faults straight to management with no phone calls, emails or paperwork. So not only can they carry out scheduled activities they can log a new job on site if they find something that needs to be resolved there and then.

The Benefit to You – Not only does this dramatically reduce repeat visits making your whole operation more efficient,  it also gives you an idea of all those extra things you’re doing for your customers that would normally go unnoticed. Adding a little bit extra to your customer service is never a bad thing though and allowing your clients to report a problem directly to your engineers whilst they are on site has to give you an edge over the competition. All of this allows you to get a much fuller picture of your real operational costs.