Health and Safety is paramount to all of our customers and especially to those whose engineers are carrying out work in high-risk environments.

We’ve included a number of features that address the personal safety of your mobile workforce:

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment – Before any onsite activity is carried out our mobile application asks the individual to complete and sign a quick and simple dynamic risk assessment. Not only does this trigger in our App when they arrive on site it will trigger again if they leave and return to site.
  • RAMS – Your specific businesses or industry Risk Assessment and Method Statements can be attached to a particular Job or Site. They can also be stored in fissara’s document library that is easily searchable from the mobile App.
  • Lone Worker Safety – Our mobile App now includes “Lone Worker Safety” so your engineers can set a timer when they are carrying out a dangerous activity alone. If they don’t deactivate the timer before it expires the App will quickly alert you automatically.

Secondly, we’ve added some enhancements to our skills module that stores information about your teams certified qualifications:

  • The mobile App holds certificates and personal ID’s that can be viewed when requested in a secure area on the mobile App. This is very useful if they are audited or questioned about qualifications or identity when on site.
  • You can create and manage your companies specific skill on the web to ensure everyone is up to date, carrying certification to use specific equipment or carry out tasks that a deemed risky.
  • There is now a medical certification area for members of your team. You can store certificates signed off by medical professionals stating that individuals are physically fit enough to carry out the work that is assigned to them.

Finally we’ve built specifically for team members who have to climb as part of their job. There is now an area to log each climb they carry out. This provides a historical audit of all climbs including dates, times, height climbed and the weather conditions at the time.

So whether you’re climbing radio mast, turbine masts, pylons, buildings or trees, fissara is looking after your team’s personal safety on every rung of the ladder.