An interview with Howard Stansfield, Head of PMO at Clarke Telecom, on the benefits of using fissara software and how we work in partnership to deliver an exceptional service to their clients. 

Clarke Telecom is the UK and Ireland’s premier wireless telecommunications infrastructure service provider, their services include application and network design through to maintenance and decommissioning of infrastructure and everything in between.

They are specialists in their field which is where you’ll find the majority of their engineers.  Always being dynamically in control of all projects and maintenance activities takes a lot of planning and thinking and as the business has grown the companies whiteboards and wall planners were no longer able to cope with the type and volume of projects and services that need to be managed for the their clients.

We have been working with Clarke Telecom for a few years now, building a system to do just that, our teams work closely together to deliver the right tools for the job ensuring their customers expectations are always met and contracts are fulfilled.

Temporary Network built and tested to cover large scale outdoor event

fissara is a modular software toolkit designed for engineering businesses that allows the simple management of people, processes, projects, stock and schedules, in every location, at every moment, of every day.