Gophix – Digital Property Maintenance

Gophix by fissara has been designed for the Property Management sector in conjunction with one of the largest land and property companies in the UK, Peel Land and Property Group. An entirely innovative solution is delivered from the Cloud using a number of fissara modules as the base platform. An intuitive integrated App freely available to tenants for reporting issues completes the end-to-end solution.

Supported by fissara’s hosted management service Gophix provides the next level in Property Maintenance technology. It’s a new and unique approach to customer interaction that will provide the differentiators required to be the best in a very competitive market

The full story on a major deployment of Gophix to Peel Land and Property Group

How will GOPHIX help my business?

Keys benefits of using the system

Gophix connects all key stakeholders in the maintenance cycle and sits at the centre of the business operation. It removes the torture of reporting problems to a call centre, filling in lengthy forms on a website and handling unmanageable spreadsheets

  • An end-to-end digital process tailored to fit business operations
  • Greatly reduce paperwork replaced entirely with a fully auditable system
  • Deliver improved service to your tenants via modern dynamic Apps and technology
  • Improve administration quality and reduce costs through highly efficient processes

What improvements will the users of Gophix see?


Using the Property Management Software


Using the GOPHIX App


Accessing reports and online portal
  • Gives instant accurate problem reports
  •  Automates your maintenance program
  • Free up time on the telephone and email
  • Consolidates reported problems
  • Provide automatic updates to customers
  • Gather fully auditable problem reports
  • Provides the Ultimate scheduling tools
  • Better management of costs
  • Simple registration
  • Simple problem reporting
  • Notification of the status of issues raised
  • No lengthy calls to a call centre
  • No filling in complicated forms on-line
  • Free download on Apple and Android
  • A Cool fresh user interface
  • A better modern digital service
  • Offer a entirely modern service
  • Gives a dynamic view of portfolio status
  • Helps better manage asset costs
  • Enables other digital services to tenants
  • Accurate management reporting
  • Automation of repair processes
  • Simple and quick to use and view
  • Frees up time when dealing with issues

How does it work, how does everyone connect to Gophix?

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Get the Gophix application guide!

If you’re already a Gophix customer? Our simple guide explains “how to’s” and links to download the App for your Smartphone or Tablet

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