Gophix – App Download Guide and Product Information

Gophix has been designed for the Property Management sector in conjunction with one of the largest land and property companies in the UK. An entirely innovative solution is delivered from the Cloud using a number of fissara modules as the base platform. An intuitive integrated App freely available to tenants for reporting issues completes the end-to-end solution. 

The latest Gophix Product Brochure, download and read at your leisure

Follow these 3 simple steps to download and start using the Gophix App

STEP 1 – Download the App


You can can install the Gophix App in a number of ways, either scan the QR code in your building or from the notice board, search iTunes Appstore or the Google Playstore for Gophix. Or simply click on the download buttons on this page when browsing on your Smartphone or Tablet.

STEP 2 – Register as a user


Once you have the App installed you will need to contact the Property Manager or Landlord and register to use Gophix with their system.

You’ll be given a username and a link to follow to set a new password via email and a business name to connect with. Once you have this you can start the App and log in.

STEP 3 – Report your issue


Now you’re connected you can use Gophix. Simply select the property or location where the problem is, record the details and capture and image and send. You’ll instantly get an acknowledgement that the system has received your problem report and from then on you’ll be kept up to date via the App until the issue fixed.


The Gophix App is available to download for FREE for iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Fully connected digital Property Maintenance

How will GOPHIX help my business?

Keys benefits of using the system

Gophix connects all key stakeholders in the maintenance cycle and sits at the centre of the business operation. It removes the torture of reporting problems to a call centre, filling in lengthy forms on a website and handling unmanageable spreadsheets

  • An end-to-end digital process tailored to fit business operations
  • Greatly reduce paperwork replaced entirely with a fully auditable system 
  • Deliver improved service to your tenants via modern dynamic Apps and technology
  • Improve administration quality and reduce costs through highly efficient processes

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