As a growing business, your aim for 2021 should be to make your employees more independent so that they can work from anywhere. And technology can make that happen!

From improving staff collaboration to encouraging employees to identify and resolve specific issues that they have expertise in, here is what a dedicated workforce management app like fissara can do.

Paperwork legislation

Waste management companies are legally obliged to store documentation about the amount of waste they collect for several years.

Understandably, that requires a lot of admin work if you still use traditional methods like carbon copy paper for documentation.

This means your drivers have to make up to three copies of each document manually: for the customer, the recipient, and your business. Then, go to the office at the end of the day, file the paperwork, and store it in a cabinet for a few years.

But a dedicated workforce management app like fissara can help you go paperless and provide all compliance documentation to drivers and customers from one cloud-based system that’s accessible by everyone in your business.

All your drivers need to do is type in the recipient’s email address in the app, confirm their details, and mark the job as complete.

Once done, they can send the finished documentation to the customer in one click.

It is so easy that one of our customers ended up saving 35 hours/week on back-office admin just by using fissara to digitise paperwork and manage jobs.

Task management for field workers

Most small businesses find it difficult to delegate tasks to employees because of a lack of proper communication channels.

A workforce management app can help you create a list of to-dos along with task details and store them in a centralised system, accessible to all your travelling staff.

This can eliminate the need for employees to call the back office to get details on the job.

There’s no need to trawl through pages and pages of client paperwork either, as your staff can open their dedicated driver’s app to check the job or client details in real time.

That can not only save time but also free them up to perform more tasks, boosting their productivity.

Zero need for calls or emails

The entire point of investing in a dedicated workforce management app is to manage all your operations using a single platform.

For this reason, fissara eliminates the need to call and check each job’s progress with drivers and field workers.

Anyone involved in the project only has to open the app on their desktop or mobile to check job progress, view outstanding tasks, and track any new developments or deadlines that are approaching.

Route management for better fuel efficiency

Companies spend a sizeable portion of their revenue on fuel when they work with field workers who perform multiple jobs in a single day.

With a workforce management app, you can give your drivers the best route for each job, so they don’t have to waste their time looking for directions and optimising their routes according to their job location or real-time traffic.

If you need to assign new tasks or jobs, you can simply search for drivers in or around the target location by tracking their live position – and assign a new job in seconds.

You can also pull up information on your employees, such as specific skills and outstanding tasks, and find the right team member to complete specific jobs that are in close proximity or match their unique set of skills.

Project management

Streamlining communication with customers is among the biggest concerns of businesses.

Using a workforce management app like fissara, you can provide customers with access to their own dedicated portal equipped with a real-time job tracker. This normally eliminates the need for customers to call you for job progress updates.

By establishing transparency and giving customers more information about outstanding jobs, you gain a significant competitive edge in your sector.

Your customers will also enjoy being notified about when their job will be completed, so they won’t have to call you, freeing up your customer support for resolving client complaints.

Fissara makes your workforce independent

“Organisations with high levels of trust are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues and stay with their employers longer,” confirms Patrick Cournoyer, chief evangelist at Peakon Employee Engagement.

fissara can help you improve employee efficiency and, because they have everything in a single system, employees can work more independently without the need for constant check-ins and unnecessary admin.

Explore more product features of fissara here.

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