Complete, Real-Time Management of Your Mobile Workforce

Replace paperwork and cumbersome manual processes with fissara, the all-in-one workforce management suite that improves your organisational efficiency and profitability.


Continually improve the efficiency of your field teams, reduce costs and improve customer service. Using drag and drop visual schedules and calculated travel times efficient daily schedules for your workforce can be generated.

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Improve and optimise your operational process flows using Fissara workflows. Design your own workflows that can be triggered at designated events during the job cycle, ensuring the right people are doing the right things at the right time.

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fissara’s mobile Android application is simple to use and extremely functional. It ensures your remote workers have the tools to know where to go, when to go there, what to do and collect accurate data, all the time storing their activity in a dynamic timesheet.

We also provide a Digital Passport that can contain an ID badge, certification and even record and collate activities like climbing for example.

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Design and create forms, checklists, surveys and much more and deploy them to your workforce for completion. Our sophisticated form building toolkit allows you to build tailored electronic forms processes and dynamically capture information directly from where you operate your business, on site.

Our document libraries can stored important documents relating to a site, a contract, a job, a type of activity or user. Providing instant access to all the information needed to keep your business running smoothly.

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In modern operations you need to have real time visibility of your business as well as retrospective information in order to improve the efficiency of your operation and respond quickly to real time situations.

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Effective resource management is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of your business. You need to ensure you have the correct operational structure whilst making the most of your resources and maintaining the correct skill levels.

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fissara puts your customer at the centre of your business with detailed activity history for every customer and processes to improve your customer service with up to date customer and site information.
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Making sure your drivers are using the optimum route and are precisely guided to their next stop can save your business time and money, we use Smart Scheduling to ensure all journeys accurately planned for the right engineer with the right skills. Our fissara Mobile App provides provide turn-by-turn navigation and can direct your team to any location on the grid.

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Knowing at any given time where assets are located and what their status is within your business is vitally important. Whether you own our maintain others assets, fissara provides a tracking module that takes care of all of this for you.

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fissara’s project module will help you put all your tasks, jobs, teams and trades in the same place and add a layer of automation which ensures things get done when they need to, by those who need to do it and letting you know when everything is running like clockwork or not. This makes complex planning simple, so sit back and let fissara to the hard bit.

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Of course you’ll get the best possible service from us but this is about your customers. At fissara we’ve created free APP’s for your customers to interact with you. Our comprehensive logging and ticket module will automate those labour intensive tasks your business handles and automatically keeps your customers updated in real time. Say goodbye to emails and phone calls.

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Taking stock in the true sense can mean hours of paperwork and searching everywhere for those things you know you should have somewhere. Imagine knowing how much of everything you have, what its worth and more importantly where it is instantly, well with fissara you can, you’ll never loose track of your equipment, not know the value of your consumables or run out of cable ties again.

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