We provide a fully featured solution for the Telecoms sector that supports the processes of; PMI’s, Reactive Work, Scheduling, Skills Management, SLA’s, Health and Safety and so much more, in fact if you’re considering any change to, or adding new processes for managing operations around your rigging and Telecoms projects then you should really consider fissara.

So what can we do for your Telecoms business?

Streamlined processes for managing your rigging teams.

• The ability to organise your rigging teams’ jobs more efficiently and dynamically.

• Cutting down on repeat or aborted visits due to lack of materials or skill sets for rigging teams.

• A dynamic scheduling system that will allow you to assign jobs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis giving you the benefit of planning your riggers jobs in advanced.

• A dashboard view for 

Improvement in data capture and manageable electronic data and forms

• The ability to capture completed works using electronic forms. This will eliminate any paperwork and eradicate separate information being captured across different types of media.

• Data quality will increase significantly and information errors will be largely eradicated.

• A powerful customisable form centre for creating and editing data capture forms within seconds.

• Ability to see site data before jobs are completed giving you the ability to .

Reduction in administration time and paperwork

• A management reporting system that you can use for auditing purposes. Information is available instantly cutting down on admin time searching for required data.

• No, or very little paperwork within the business.

• Very little or no more printing involved cutting down on the costs of cartridges and printer maintenance.

• Electronic time sheets, work sheets, H&S packs and receipts. No more lost or inaccurate data.

• Annotate and update site plans and wiring diagrams. 

H&S, Risk Assessments

• Dynamic risk assessments that can be changed within seconds on site.

• Ability to complete risk assessments when anybody arrives on site.

• Downloaded online health and safety documents, RAMS, risk assessments, method statements, job packs, Tool Box briefing.

• Online certificates and credentials for onsite auditing. 

Simple to use and low Total Cost of Ownership

• The ability to build new processes, try them out and refine them without any further development.

• Fully hosted eliminating any data centers and IT effort for Your business.

• Simple ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ to log into the system on the web and device.

• Low monthly subscription cost.

Telecoms History.

We founded fissara on the solution we developed for Airwave Solutions and have continued to enhance our product further to provide a solution to manage thier mobile workforce carrying out maintenance works on the emergency services network.

We’ve now grown into a business that works with other large telecoms organisations like Telefonica and Motorola, our grounding in Telecommunications and our extensive knowledge and experience in the  sector has allowed us to create which fissara the #1 solution for real workforce management.