Data Capture Forms

Create data capture forms, distribute them, collect customer data. Simple.

It definitely stands out, so we decided to give it a special name…

formul8 enables secure dynamic data capture forms on any platform for businesses of any size. formul8 is a core component of fissara!

Features of formul8

Data Capture Forms Workflow


Design and create forms, checklists, surveys and much more then publish and instantly deploy them to your workforce for completion. formul8 enables you to build tailored electronic processes and dynamically capture information directly from the locations where you operate.

Data Capture Forms Workflow


The online designer lets you build multi-faceted forms with multiple question types. The unique navigation tool allows you to easily redefine the content and structure of each form. Also, using drag and drop, you can simply move content around your design before it’s published.

Data Capture Forms Workflow


Use listview to manage, edit, copy, update and distribute your forms. formul8 provides version control to ensure your users are always automatically updated with the current versions of your forms. Attach one or many forms to an activity that are then scheduled by fissara.

Data Capture Forms Data


Your users will only see the current forms they need to do their job and can track each forms completion with a simple status indicator. Once a form is complete it is uploaded automatically either via our formul8 app or the fissara mobile client, where the information is stored viewed and shared.

Main features of our data capture forms software include…

  • Enhanced workforce utilisation
  • Improved customer service
  • Better visibility of your remote workers
  • Group forms into categories
  • Add custom forms to any activity
  • Access the latest customer Information
  • Activity information collection
  • Structure data at source
  • Build and manage forms via the web
  • Export data via Word, Excel, PDF,  API or flat file

What can formul8 do for me?

formul8 reduces…

  • Duplication of effort
  • Calls to the office
  • Business and technology costs
  • Paper within your business
  • Errors in your systems and data


  • Modify forms and checklists
  • Capture data and images
  • Record customer, site & equipment information
  • Integrate with office systems
  • Manage version control


  • Business process and performance
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Speed of response
  • Data quality and accuracy

What else can fissara do to help you?

By bringing together up to date technology and layering on the features and functions you told us were important, the cloud-based service we’ve created is big on benefits and easy on your pocket.


“We could be considered an early adopter but to me bringing fissara into our business when we did was a very simple decision. We manage over 260 separate property sites in the North West of England and act for over 10,000 leaseholders. Implementing a technology that simply and efficiently eliminates paperwork, errors and costly delays has giving us a new holistic view of the properties we manage. We can automate our inspection cycles and provide dynamic management information not only for our own use but also more importantly for our clients. The next step is to bring our sub contractors onto the system so we can provide a better more complete end-to-end service to our customers. There are large parts of the system we’ve yet to explore, I think we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what fissara can really do for our business!”

Ian Magenis – Managing Partner

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