Dylan Owen – Customer Care Manager

Dylan had a big pair of shoes to fill figuratively speaking but in a little over eight weeks he’s already proven he is ready for a bigger pair, bringing in new ideas and innovative customer focussed concepts . In addition to running and improving our processes Dylan is contributing significantly to our MOVE product development roadmap  by taking on the additional role as Scrum Master to the development team.

Dylan’s team responsibilities include Training,Content Marketing, Service Levels and Customer Onboarding so quite a mixed and growing bag.

Superhero Name: MAD HATTER – Super Power:  Wear numerous hats and instantly fill a role in a flash

Jess Maskery – Software Product Trainer

The job title does really do the roles justice but Jess certainly has the skills to deliver the varied tasks our company needs. We have seen a spike in customer numbers recently which is fantastic so supporting them is crucial. Jess will be providing product training and develop social media and marketing content utilising her graphic skills across the business.

She has only been with the company a week but she has really got stuck in. She is now helping to organise events we have planned throughout September to November.

Superhero Name: BLINK  – Super Power:  Ability to move through time just by thinking about it, I would be able to go anywhere I wanted in seconds

Grant Kelly – Customer Service Advisor

Although Grant has been with the company for a while we didn’t get the chance to introduce him properly. Grant has shown the perfect set of skills to deal with our customers technical questions. He is calm, articulate, accurate and has a natural connection to anything technical. he has become the foundation to our Customer Care process.

Grant or “The Games Master” is also the host for our Virtual Weekend Warmup sessions which have become embedded in a corner of the culture of fissara.

Superhero Name: The Games Master  – Super Power: No matter the situation, always bring a game to play with everyone he meets

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