Keeping your distance when on the MOVE

I don’t know about you but one of the things I will certainly remember about the UK lockdown of 2020 will be the social distancing we face each day. I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside but even here people will the cross the lane or step 2 metres into a field to let you pass. The irony is that in my little corner of the world, people have become more social the further we are required to be separated. Curtesy, friendliness and in general a willingness to help is on the increase, I really hope this is a lesson learnt and a new improved society continues long after the epidemic has passed.

We do however still face the contactless challenge in business. If we are to get the economy bouncing back quickly everything needs to change and it appears digital transformation and technology may hold some of the answers. We’re familiar with contactless payment cards, digital signatures, wireless bank transfers and making payments with a smartphone or watch but is there yet more to do? I think so…

One of our core values at fissara is “humanising” technology, I’m certain most people have sworn at “Alexa” or Google when she gets it wrong but that’s not really what we mean by humanising. We work hard to use language and interfaces in all our software that work for humans, we try our best to avoid “the computer says no” and analyse the practical application and use of the solutions we develop to ensure they work well for people.

Our latest product fissara MOVE, which seems contradictory when we are so often asked to “Please stand here!”, is helping companies in the Waste and Bulk Materials sectors to remain operational during the lockdown, providing their customers with the confidence that nothing could be more sanitary than an entirely digital solution. The global virus we are faced with is very different to those that affect computer systems. fissara MOVE supports social distancing but still delivers an outstandingly simple and human solution for the essential skip hire and waste transport businesses that continue working throughout the pandemic and social distancing we’ve become accustomed to.

Stay safe but stay sociable

Jon CEO fissara ltd