A significant change to the way we do business

At fissara we like to create great case studies to help companies decide if our product and services will support their business goals (Of course they will!) but this one in particular is important not only for what we have achieved with ADAMAS Telecoms Ltd (Weare5Gt) but how we went about it.

When COVID 19 hit back in March and before anyone thought we would be facing a second national lockdown later this week, fissara had to rapidly turn 180and change entirely to an online selling business, this is when we first engaged with David Stills CBE Chairman at ADAMAS. I remember David saying during one of many video calls “fissara (our MANAGE product) will make a significant change in the way we do business” I made a note at the time as this is exactly what fissara was doing by rapidly adapting to how business would have to be done in the future.

What is really noteworthy is the fact that not only have ADAMAS become a customer not long after that meeting and were obviously impressed as they have subsequently added another of our systems to manage the Wind Energy part of their business but the fact that no one from either company has ever meet face to face. This is a testament to building great relationships and keeping communication going whatever life throws at us.

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