OM-3 and Fissara

Fissara allows OM-3 to:

  • Schedule recurring service and maintenance activities
  • Support a speedy response to customer scheme problems
  • Dynamically manage multiple SLAs for individual contracts
  • Deliver the fastest and most efficient call out and response times
  • Vastly reduce the amount of paper use in O&M processes
  • Organise and record preventative maintenance work
  • Take away the reliance on multiple complex spreadsheets
  • Streamline OM-3 operational processes

What has fissara done for OM-3?

fissara has allowed OM-3 to manage their workload better and avoid the inefficient use of multiple spreadsheets. They can easily add new client to the workload without having to make everyone aware of a new site and its requirements.

“No longer are certain tasks completed because someone remembered to do them – they are now done reliably because fissara does the remembering for us. It helps us in many other ways too, including carrying out on site risk assessments and helping us manage lone working.”

Gavin Hart – Operations Manager OM-3

“When we first started looking into managing our business with a software package it was clear that there is a lot of choice on the market. However fissara quickly shone through as the package that would be of most benefit for OM-3. From the outset the staff at fissara were keen to ensure that the software was tailored to our requirements and keen to train us on using it to its full potential. Nearly a year later we fully see its benefit and still have the full support of all the fissara team. Continual upgrades have only made the software better and the time and attention taken to assist us with any issues has helped us to feel confident that we choose the right software and the right company to work with.”

Gavin Hart – Operations Manager OM-3

Who are OM-3?

Part of the Hydroplan Group, OM-3 is a leading Operations & Management company for the Hydropower and Renewables industry in the UK. The company has over 25 years of experience in their market sector. Recently spun off and rebranded, OM-3 is a fast-growing business that currently provides a wide range of services including operations, maintenance, surveying, monitoring, analysis and training to their client in the Hydropower sector for more than 50 small and medium sized hydro schemes across Great Britain.

What were the challenges for OM-3?

OM-3 kept track of repeating scheduled tasks and quarterly checks through a collection of spreadsheets to ensure they were completed on time. Often tasks were arranged at short notice making planning and rescheduling priorities a lot more difficult. With forecasted growth of the business coupled with the potential for increased complexity of operations, it was necessary to find a suitable solution to manage OM-3’s work and staff effectively and efficiently and improve the service they provide to our clients. The services provided by OM-3 are often carried out in remote location and therefore any technical solution would need to be able to operate in areas where mobile networks aren’t always available. To add to this the devices used by engineers would need to be rugged and waterproof.