Motorola and Fissara

Fissara allows Motorola Solutions to:

  • Easily schedule and plan a mix of preventative actions
  • Enable efficient fault reporting and planning of reactive action
  • Plan, create, edit and dispatch forms for inspections and surveys for each of the 3,800 sites Motorola Solutions manages across Great Britain.

What does fissara do for Motorola Solutions?

fissara supports Motorola Solution’s service team of over 120 field engineers and 20 control room staff, whose task it is to maintain the UK’s emergency services network (ESN) 24/7, all year round. Motorola Solutions, formerly Airwave, approached fissara in 2013 to develop a secure scheduling and engineering management system. Their ambition was to enable better use of their mobile workforce, helping them be more efficient and provide a system to deliver top quality service to their customer base.

Who are Motorola Solutions?

Motorola Network Services recently acquired Airwave – the leading provider of mission-critical communications for the emergency services in Great Britain. Airwave provides voice and data communications to organisations that provide vital public services – the police, fire and ambulance services, local authorities, health, utilities and transport providers.

“fissara have a very good understanding of Airwave’s business and processes and have delivered a system that gives quality data and detailed control over our resources, while at the same time giving us the ability to dynamically manage priorities. We have worked well with fissara to define the functionality we require and the next set of features.”

John Lewis, Airwave (a Motorola Company) COO