AMCO and Fissara

What does fissara do for AMCO?

fissara’s workforce management software is enabling AMCO to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business. Our solution allows engineers to effectively action planned preventative maintenance (PPM) works and reactive activities, through a tablet-based scheduling system. AMCO’s engineers are now able to record data in customisable forms quickly and easily, allowing them to focus their time on the activities associated with these processes on site. This information then feeds dynamically into fissara’s cloud system, to be viewed back at the office or anywhere that can access the system via a web browser. Recently, fissara was awarded the contract to provide its groundbreaking field force solution to AMCO, supporting its work with the Canal & River Trust.

Who are AMCO?

AMCO Engineering is a specialist contractor providing innovative multi-disciplinary solutions to the energy, environmental and infrastructure sectors, and is a subsidiary of FTSE-listed Renew Holdings plc. The company focuses its environmental business on flood and clean water construction projects and asset maintenance, working very closely with public bodies and organisations in this field. In the energy sector, AMCO constructs and maintains assets for a large number of well-known utility companies throughout the UK.

Key benefits for AMCO:

  • Moving to fissara’s combined cloud- and tablet-based system will eradicate the mountains of paperwork that AMCO must currently handle; it will also immediately improve the quality of data collected. The collected information is stored in the cloud and is easily accessed to generate reports, building over time to provide a useful resource for analysis.
  • fissara provides better reporting of activity and an overall improvement when managing works planned in the future. The information gathered is not only vital to produce quality audits but also supports AMCO’s contractual obligations.
  • Highly flexible scheduling provides an easier way to view and allocate the required activities at customers’ sites. At a glance, the operational engineers can adjust and optimise the field engineers’ workload, and react quickly in an emergency situation.
  • The operational engineers will be able to streamline their in-house process and adjust to changing requirements and support new contracts. They will also have access to a library of captured images and information, to allow better-informed decision-making about onsite activities, remotely from the office.
  • Overall, the fissara solution will make the delivery of PPM and reactive works more efficient for AMCO, and help maximise the productivity of their maintenance division.
  • As they tender for new contracts, our solution is already helping AMCO to explain how they operate and manage a technically modern connected business. Successfully won tenders will reward AMCO with new contracts to provide vital support and maintenance services on Britain’s waterways.

“fissara’s software offered comprehensive functionality and versatility… The team understood the project challenges, objectives and values and were able to react quickly to deliver a superb tailored system”

John Landreth, AMCO Contracts Director