Scanlans Property Management LLP


Scanlans are one of the leading property management companies in the Midlands and North West and provide commercial property management, residential property management and residential property lettings services across Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Cheshire.

Established for over 25 years Scanlans are one of the largest and most experienced property management companies providing services to over 260 separate sites and 10,000 leaseholders with an annual works budget of £2m.

Scanlans recognise that all communication is vital to provide excellent customer service so improving the quality and accuracy of information within their communication with their customers and clients would improve the services they provided. Moving to a software driven process for scheduling work, capturing data and management reporting would also make them more efficient and productive.

What fissara does for Scanlans.

  • Allows a dynamic central view of all properties managed
  • Data accuracy and evidence of completed work is enhanced
  • Annual penalties for missed reporting is eradicated
  • Reduced 250 plus forms down to a handful of electronic processes
  • Gives instant access to immediate company wide process change
  • Delivers an non repudiated audit of information
  • Provide an historical and auditable log of all task completed on properties
  • Reduce cost of service provision as revisits are reduced
  • Increase the utilisation of mobile resources by better scheduling of time
  • Information accuracy is vastly improved as data capture is defined by a flexible process
  • Reduces abandoned jobs due to missing information or other excuses
  • Enables the implementation and management of core and new process quickly
  • Enforces quality and regulatory compliance
  • Provides document storage with precise version control
  • Property, Health & Safety and Monthly inspections all completed without paper
  • Management of break fix tasking handled via contractors on one system
  • Benefit from innovative product roadmap and new Apps like Rectify
  • Improve customer experience with dynamic reporting and a more holistic view of their portfolio.

What Scanlans say about fissara

Anna Midgley – Property Manager
“fissara has made a big difference to the way we record information and pass it back to our clients. It’s flexible enough to adapt to individual properties and it’s so fast and easy to use”

Ben Mason – Property Manager specialist in Fire Inspection
“I’ve really taken to the simplicity of the form building part of fissara, so much so, that I’m now considered as the office expert. Being able to change our processes on the web console and publish those changes to other property managers in seconds is really beneficial. I’m now creating a set of fire inspection forms that will make my job a lot easier”

Ian Magenis – Managing Partner
“We could be considered an early adopter but to me bringing fissara into our business when we did was a very simple decision. We manage over 260 separate property sites in the North West of England and act for over 10,000 leaseholders. Implementing a technology that simply and efficiently eliminates paperwork, errors and costly delays has giving us a new holistic view of the properties we manage. We can automate our inspection cycles and provide dynamic management information not only for our own use but also more importantly for our clients.
The next step is to bring our sub contractors onto the system so we can provide a better more complete end-to-end service to our customers.

There are large parts of the system we’ve yet to explore, I think we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what fissara can really do for our business!”

So simple to manage all onsite activities

Bringing together every job and activity you do for your customers in one simple to use database. Manage
multiple sites and hundreds of locations from a single window.

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