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motoralMotorola Network Services recently acquired Airwave who is the leading provider of mission critical communications for the emergency services in Great Britain.

Airwave delivers the Emergency Services Network (ESN) a mission critical voice and data communications to organisations that provide vital public services – the police, fire and ambulance services, local authorities, health, utilities and transport providers.

The ESN, which was purpose built to meet the needs of emergency services is totally secure and covers 99% of Great Britain’s landmass. The ESN is interoperable, meaning that for the first time when the ESN was created members of different public service organisations can communicate with one another.

The ESN is the first public service network in the world to offer secure, seamlessly integrated communications between emergency services and other emergency responders, and has made Great Britain a world leader in critical communication.

Today, more than 300 public service organisations rely on Airwave for a mission critical communications service that provides unrivalled coverage, resilience, speed of connection and security.

Their particular challenges

Airwave approached fissara in 2013 to develop a secure scheduling and engineering management system that would allow them to better utilise their mobile workforce, make them more efficient and provide a system that would allow them to provide a top quality service their customer base.

What fissara does for them

John Lewis, Airwave COO said “fissara have a very good understanding of Airwave’s business and processes and have delivered a system that gives quality data and detailed control over our resources, while at the same time giving us the ability to dynamically manage priorities. We have worked well with fissara to define the functionality we require and the next set of features.”

master-logo-airwave-jpgfissara allows Airwave to easily schedule and plan a mix of preventative actions, faults, inspections and surveys for each of the 3,800 sites they manage across Great Britain. fissara supports a service team of over 120 field engineers and 20 control room staff, who’s task it is to maintain the ESN 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.

How this benefits them

fissara provides better reporting of activity and an overall improvement when managing and planning future maintenance of the ESN. The information gathered is not only vital to produce quality audits but also supports Airwave’s and now Motorola’s contractual obligations.

Highly flexible scheduling provides an easier way to view and allocate the activities that need to be carried out at their sites. At a glance the field engineer’s workload can be adjusted to react quickly in an emergency situation.

A vast number of complex paper driven processes have been entirely replaced with capture data and automation delivered by fissara. The field engineers now have a simple but comprehensive and portable solution to a problem that was getting in the way of what they are really good at.

So simple to manage all onsite activities

Bringing together every job and activity you do for your customers in one simple to use database. Manage
multiple sites and hundreds of locations from a single window.

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