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fissara’s workforce management solution is an ideal fit for the telecoms sector. With extensive teams providing maintenance and support to important network infrastructure, our solution enables right-first-time performance and ensures that the sequences of events run like clockwork. fissara doesn’t just make your processes smoother, it also improves the efficiency and the speed at which they happen, cutting your costs and supporting your quality along the way.

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ENERGY SECTOR workforce management case studies
At fissara we’re dedicated to preserving the world we live in. We’re passionate about supporting a more efficient energy sector, particularly when it comes to sustainable technologies. As energy production becomes greener and more efficient, we’re proud to be adding parallel efficiency to the maintenance and management of solar, wind, hydro and wave systems.

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Traditionally, property management has always involved plenty of paperwork and even greater amounts of organisation. fissara helps by making everything paperless, connected and far more easily managed. We give you a dynamic central view of all properties, with real time data accessible between office, property managers and engineers. Just as helpfully, fissara allows you to create, edit and dispatch all the forms you use instantly through our mobile app. So while fissara enhances the quality of collected data, risk assessments and saves time previously wasted on paperwork, your customers enjoy elevated service quality. That’s because workers are free to focus on their core roles, such as building safety and the maintenance that prevents problems arising.

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fissara’s unique platform is a powerful enabling tool for civil engineering companies. It’s an integrated mobile solution that gives your engineers, administration teams and managers more control in a wide range of ways. Scheduling, quality data capture, dynamic access to collected information, optimised management reporting
and audit quality – fissara’s versatile and easily adaptable functionality makes it perfect for a multifaceted sector such as civil engineering.

fissara’s Flowboard and Job Authorisation functions give you heightened control of your work for clients, ensuring all activity achieves the highest standard and is only signed off by the appropriately qualified engineers.

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Scanlans Property Management Case Study

Motorola Workforce Management Case Study Telecoms

AMCO Civil Engineering Case Study

Belectric Solar Energy Case Study Field Team Management

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“I’ve really taken to the simplicity of the form building part of fissara, so much so, that I’m now considered as the office expert. Being able to change our processes on the web console and publish those changes to other property managers in seconds is really beneficial. I’m now creating a set of fire inspection forms that will make my job a lot easier” 

Ben Mason – Property Manager Specialist in Fire Inspection

Our workforce management case studies stretch across various industries

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