We’re excited to announce we’ve won a special business award after launching our incubator scheme for Manchester based tech firms!

The Business Buddy award ‘recognises individuals, firms or public bodies that have gone the extra mile or done something particularly special for the wider small business community in Greater Manchester.’

Our director, Jon Holttum said: “It seemed a waste of an opportunity not to offer the extra space we have to other local start-ups who could benefit from working in a busy team environment rather than operating entirely on their own.

“When people get together rather than working in isolation, imaginations are fired and ideas flourish so we decided to invite other local companies to join us and to work alongside us to establish their own businesses. We are not charging for this, it is totally free of charge. We just ask that they buy the milk occasionally!”

Simon Edmondson, FSB Regional Chairman in Manchester, said: “When we heard what fissara was doing we thought it was a near perfect fit for the award criteria of our Business Buddy Award. Here we have one small firm doing its bit by helping other smaller, fledgling businesses, with no material benefit whatsoever.

“It’s just great to see such a philanthropic approach here in Manchester. We would urge other firms able to do similar to do likewise. Pulling together to create a more prosperous, business friendly scene here in GM serves everyone’s best interest.”

Find out more on the fsb site.