Magnificent, Marvellous, Miraculous

I’m am brimming with pride and can’t stopped smiling today. We’ve done a thing! After a GIMUNGOUS  amount of effort from our team at fissara we have launched our new MANAGE IOS App today.  Not only that, but we have simultaneously launched a new Android version as well. I’ve wanted to do this for at least 6 years, so now after nearly 14 months of design, development and testing we’ve unveiled what I believe to be the most feature rich and powerful mobile workforce app on the planet.

That’s not to say it’s the only thing we have been focussing on, no! We have also created a Stock Management and Warehousing module that puts the icing on the SaaS cake of our core platform MANAGE.


All of these great things have been brought about by the word TEAM, Our Team, you are all brilliant and make fissara the fantastic business it is today.

Customer Team Update

Dylan Owen – Customer Care Manager

Dylan had a big pair of shoes to fill figuratively speaking but in a little over eight weeks he’s already proven he is ready for a bigger pair, bringing in new ideas and innovative customer focussed concepts . In addition to running and improving our processes Dylan is contributing significantly to our MOVE product development roadmap  by taking on the additional role as Scrum Master to the development team.

Dylan’s team responsibilities include Training,Content Marketing, Service Levels and Customer Onboarding so quite a mixed and growing bag.

Superhero Name: MAD HATTER – Super Power:  Wear numerous hats and instantly fill a role in a flash

Jess Maskery – Software Product Trainer

The job title does really do the roles justice but Jess certainly has the skills to deliver the varied tasks our company needs. We have seen a spike in customer numbers recently which is fantastic so supporting them is crucial. Jess will be providing product training and develop social media and marketing content utilising her graphic skills across the business.

She has only been with the company a week but she has really got stuck in. She is now helping to organise events we have planned throughout September to November.

Superhero Name: BLINK  – Super Power:  Ability to move through time just by thinking about it, I would be able to go anywhere I wanted in seconds

Grant Kelly – Customer Service Advisor

Although Grant has been with the company for a while we didn’t get the chance to introduce him properly. Grant has shown the perfect set of skills to deal with our customers technical questions. He is calm, articulate, accurate and has a natural connection to anything technical. he has become the foundation to our Customer Care process.

Grant or “The Games Master” is also the host for our Virtual Weekend Warmup sessions which have become embedded in a corner of the culture of fissara.

Superhero Name: The Games Master  – Super Power: No matter the situation, always bring a game to play with everyone he meets

If you'd like to find our more about our Customer Care team and what we do?

Call us on 0161 546 0333 

Stock Management 2.0 for MANAGE

Integrated stock and materials management

We have an exciting new development coming to MANAGE!

The Stock Management module 2.0 is the latest development coming to fissara Manage and it is packed full of functionality. This module will allow users to manage stock levels in their inventory and transfer stock between warehouse, vehicles and site locations, similar to our Asset Module.

After conducting research into the market, we established that stock locations need to be dynamic and flexible so we have incorporated this into the new functionality to allow users to assign stock to places that are defined in the system. A new screen manages the user – vehicle allocation providing a more comprehensive audit trail trail the stock you need to operate your business, this can also be exported to our new reports, alongside many other useful data points, such as cost, quantity, suppliers and warehouse specific storage areas.

The app will also follow suit and adopt some new functionality within jobs and Activities to make the movement of stock that much easier and part of the full fissara MANAGE suite. 

Call fissara today on 0161 546 0336 or request a Callback


Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new functionality, coming very soon, to fissara Manage. 

We do things a little different

Zaen’s World – What makes MANAGE SOoOoO different

In a world of increasing workloads… and reduced patience, companies find it harder and harder to manage their workers, understand effective routine, become more responsive to every day obstacles and adapt to those evolving requirements. That’s so 2020 and here at Fissara we do things a little different. Our Manage platform has been hand crafted from the ground up to facilitate the everyday needs you have as a business from a workforce management point of view and make them sOoOoO much easier to handle. From building custom design forms covering all aspects of data entry all the way to a smarter way of scheduling jobs for your field workers based off of their proximity; not only save time and resources, but giving you the ability to reduce the global footprint your making by reducing travel frequency. We have all bases covered!

And it doesn’t stop there… We’ve adopted a new approach to Fissara’s way of life. Our new tagline ‘INCLUSION’ takes into account all areas of business which we feel could be more connected. These include bridging the gaps between industries in which we’ve never ventured (because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want Fissara Manage pfft) & creating a more inclusive workspace amongst not only our internal team but with clients as well, so that they can themselves have a hands on approach with product development. With this in mind, we are so excited for the new features lined up such as the NEW stock management system, which seamlessly integrates inventory management and transport across all your operational streams, from booking on jobs to actioning them. We are also close to announcing our incredible milestone regarding the release of the iOS App, alongside our current Android version. We have tirelessly been working to redevelop our App and bring it up to a new Golden standard and in keeping with our tagline, included more platforms to support it. These are only a few of the major changes heading to Manage… so don’t worry… the fun doesn’t stop here… there is still so much more to come

Five Tools for a Post-COVID Workforce

If you want to take charge of this year, you must start by assessing your employee performance. How are they coping? What do they need? What do they expect from you? Are they equipped with the right tools for the challenges that lie ahead?

Deloitte’s advice for managing your post-COVID workforce revolves around three fundamental principles; respond, recover, and thrive.

It has been more than a year and UK businesses are still feeling the effects of COVID-19. In this ‘new normal’, technology is helping companies to regroup and skyrocket their efficiency.

So, we’ve assembled a list of five tools that can help your company level up, increase employee performance and improve customer service.

Website live chat

Automated chatbots allow you to automate responses and replies to the most common customer queries, simplifying the way you manage customer service enquiries. Website live chat can even help you log requests and support tickets.

Your employees can customise the right reply depending on the query or purpose. In essence, website live chat is the only way to handle customer support tasks quickly and flexibly by arming yourself with intelligent ‘virtual agents’ that can triage each query and automatically respond on your behalf, in real-time.

Using fissara, you can create a list of the top 5 things that your customers ask you and customise your responses in your third-party automated chat tool. Every time somebody asks a question via your website, the AI chatbot will automatically trigger a response so customers won’t have to call or email you.

Virtual call centre

A virtual phone system is a platform that handles your business calls through an internet connection. It lets users make and receive calls on a desktop app, mobile phone, or desk phone, generally in any location with an internet connection.

Virtual phone systems can reduce the cost of calls and boost staff efficiency. They also enable remote working quickly and efficiently.

A virtual call centre gets your team working remotely together more effectively. It’s a particularly useful tool when your network of remote workers is spread out over multiple time zones or locations.

Webinar sales

Webinar stands for ‘web seminar.’ And the post-COVID workforce is completely reliant on it to build a remote sales process if they want to avoid getting in front of the customer without losing precious business.

According to the latest State of Sales report from LinkedIn, virtual selling is here to stay.

Digital services and software such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, GoToWebinar, and Skype offer excellent support for face-to-face sales meetings and team collaboration.

Here are some quick tips to remember if you want to improve your remote sales process:

  • Find out your customer’s new, post-COVID pain points. Incorporate them in your pitch.
  • Leaving a webinar is easier than an in-person meeting. Don’t just talk about your products. Humanise your sales calls and strive to offer something valuable even if people don’t end up buying from you.
  • Reduce communication barriers such as noise and distractions when speaking to prospective clients to have better command over your calls.

Field management

Managing field workers shouldn’t be exhausting in 2021. Even before the pandemic, businesses wasted a significant amount of their budget on fuel because they never used route optimisation software or intelligent job scheduling tools.

To take charge of your revenue in the post-COVID economy, you must look at ways to cut down waste that accompanies mobile worker travel.

fissara can help. It is a cloud solution that provides businesses with real-time employee location and navigation features. It allows you to streamline travel, avoid traffic jams, and communicate directly with your field workers to reduce time wasted on needless admin.

You can also audit individual vehicle profitability and keep track of live vehicle movements to keep your workforce cost down and improve your contribution to sustainability.

Document management

Countless businesses still choose to organise their documents using paperwork, filing cabinets and other outdated systems. But digitising documentation can allow you to focus your time and resources on other important growth areas.

Tools like Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, and G-Suite offer you the convenience of organised paperwork. But you still have to upload your documents manually and individually into each system.

Dedicated tools like fissara actually help you eliminate paperwork and automate up to 130 tasks per employee per month relating to invoicing, billing, and paperwork, reducing your back-office admin by around 50% and saving up to £10k per year on stationery and printing.

Moving towards a digital workforce with fissara

You can automate tasks like job scheduling, people management, stock control and information capture right away using software like fissara to manage your on-the-road staff.

With fissara, you can also create and assign jobs in minutes, go paperless, record customer and job issues and feedback, enhance travel management, optimise routes, and manage multiple projects from a single dedicated mobile and desktop app.

Aside from accelerating your invoicing tasks by 66%, you can also save up to 50% on vehicle maintenance cost using fissara.

The best part? fissara’s monthly plans start at merely £22, so any business can benefit from all the 70 rewarding features of the system. Get started here.

Download the full PDF guide to overcoming the challenges of COVID-19.

How Technology Can Reduce the Barriers to Profitability

In 2021, consumers continue to gravitate toward buying online because they have easy and immediate access to products. So, businesses have no choice but to digitise their processes if they are to keep up with customer expectations.

But going digital for your customers is just one part of running a successful business. What about your internal operations? What about staff management?

The ability to work remotely could one day wipe out the need for physical offices. But that definitely won’t happen overnight. So, here is how you can use technology to increase your profitability gradually but effectively.

Reduce reliance on email. Improve communication.

The office has been replaced by a mobile workstation. And the digital divide is no longer a barrier to employment, it’s an accelerant.

“…it’s all about efficiency and ‘trimming the fat,” explains Frazer Kinsley, CEO of Hook Logistics. For this reason, businesses have already begun implementing new digital technology, software and apps to get more done – whether it is task management, customer service, or HR.

But a huge proportion of companies in the waste, transport, and property sectors are still solely relying on email or phone to communicate with their customers and employees.

Consider Uber and how they have revolutionised the way customers order a taxi without even making a phone call while still maintaining flawless communication. Companies like this will grow to become even more valuable in the future.

fissara’s desktop software and dedicated app allow you to engage in a similar method of smooth communication with employees and customers. The dedicated staff app provides seamless connectivity, allowing you to securely communicate, assign tasks, and monitor their progress without exchanging a single email or phone call.

Organise your assets. Reduce costs.

Hybrid and remote work will keep growing as businesses seek to cut employee travel costs, enhance employee productivity, and gather employees closer together.

If there is one thing that businesses need to learn, it is how to organise every asset that drives their business forward, including data and paperwork.

Technology can help you assemble all your assets in one place for easy search and monitoring.

For instance, fissara enables you to monitor the profitability of each vehicle or view the speed and efficiency of each staff member, as well as track their individual live location, so that you have full visibility of your most important operational information instantly.

All you have to do is log, locate, and monitor the health of your assets and staff to know how your business is performing.

Encourage collaborative working. Save time.

Technology can transform how your employees work. The benefits are clear and proven – simplifying operations, reducing miscommunication and admin, increasing employee morale and enabling your business to focus on its core business tasks.

The Cloud provides a new level of collaboration. It can centralise knowledge resources and data for your employees, so they can maintain an improved level of efficiency across all departments.

fissara lets you manage staff and teams more efficiently by assigning jobs based on staff skillset, live location or job importance. This approach helps to maintain a better organisational structure. Moreover, your employees can access critical information from anywhere, and it’s updated in real time. So, there is no stalling of work at the individual level, helping you increase productivity and save time on unnecessary admin, file sharing and communication.

Optimise your routes. Reduce fuel costs.

Smart scheduling is commonly used to improve productivity and decrease the overall cost of running a business.

Using tech, businesses can automate numerous processes such as employee communication with clients, sending the right employees to the right jobs at the right time, keeping track of employee whereabouts, etc.

Technology can also show you the best possible way to travel to each job based on an existing location or schedule, so your drivers save time and automate much of the admin involved in planning their journeys.

Users of fissara can plan multiple routes and journeys for each staff member. Ideal for drivers and the travelling workforce, fissara can help you save fuel and see the real-time location of where your employees are to improve efficiency.

Manage multiple projects on a single platform

Instead of dealing with hundreds of email chains between your employees, technology can help you easily manage multiple projects from one location.

You can also assign staff to them on-demand and track productivity and results.

fissara takes your project management one step further. It helps you visualise the real-time progress of your projects in just one click using independent workflows in the dedicated Project Centre .

fissara’s role in the future of businesses

Reducing the costs involved with getting started in remote work, training, on-the-job learning, staying productive in a mobile worker environment, and staying motivated are just a few barriers to profitability that fissara can eliminate.

fissara can help you automate up to 130 tasks per staff member every month, including billing and invoicing, improve fleet management by 50%, cut down back-office admin by half, and save up to £10k on annual print, paper, and postage costs. So, now you can save money while saving the planet.

We have only scratched the surface because there are additional 70 features that make fissara a brilliant asset for your small business. Explore them here.

Further reading

Download our PDF guide to overcoming the challenges of COVID-19. In this free 10-page guide, discover how businesses are using latest technology to level up, increase employee performance and improve customer service.

Five Reasons to Use a Dedicated Workforce Management App

As a growing business, your aim for 2021 should be to make your employees more independent so that they can work from anywhere. And technology can make that happen!

From improving staff collaboration to encouraging employees to identify and resolve specific issues that they have expertise in, here is what a dedicated workforce management app like fissara can do.

Paperwork legislation

Waste management companies are legally obliged to store documentation about the amount of waste they collect for several years.

Understandably, that requires a lot of admin work if you still use traditional methods like carbon copy paper for documentation.

This means your drivers have to make up to three copies of each document manually: for the customer, the recipient, and your business. Then, go to the office at the end of the day, file the paperwork, and store it in a cabinet for a few years.

But a dedicated workforce management app like fissara can help you go paperless and provide all compliance documentation to drivers and customers from one cloud-based system that’s accessible by everyone in your business.

All your drivers need to do is type in the recipient’s email address in the app, confirm their details, and mark the job as complete.

Once done, they can send the finished documentation to the customer in one click.

It is so easy that one of our customers ended up saving 35 hours/week on back-office admin just by using fissara to digitise paperwork and manage jobs.

Task management for field workers

Most small businesses find it difficult to delegate tasks to employees because of a lack of proper communication channels.

A workforce management app can help you create a list of to-dos along with task details and store them in a centralised system, accessible to all your travelling staff.

This can eliminate the need for employees to call the back office to get details on the job.

There’s no need to trawl through pages and pages of client paperwork either, as your staff can open their dedicated driver’s app to check the job or client details in real time.

That can not only save time but also free them up to perform more tasks, boosting their productivity.

Zero need for calls or emails

The entire point of investing in a dedicated workforce management app is to manage all your operations using a single platform.

For this reason, fissara eliminates the need to call and check each job’s progress with drivers and field workers.

Anyone involved in the project only has to open the app on their desktop or mobile to check job progress, view outstanding tasks, and track any new developments or deadlines that are approaching.

Route management for better fuel efficiency

Companies spend a sizeable portion of their revenue on fuel when they work with field workers who perform multiple jobs in a single day.

With a workforce management app, you can give your drivers the best route for each job, so they don’t have to waste their time looking for directions and optimising their routes according to their job location or real-time traffic.

If you need to assign new tasks or jobs, you can simply search for drivers in or around the target location by tracking their live position – and assign a new job in seconds.

You can also pull up information on your employees, such as specific skills and outstanding tasks, and find the right team member to complete specific jobs that are in close proximity or match their unique set of skills.

Project management

Streamlining communication with customers is among the biggest concerns of businesses.

Using a workforce management app like fissara, you can provide customers with access to their own dedicated portal equipped with a real-time job tracker. This normally eliminates the need for customers to call you for job progress updates.

By establishing transparency and giving customers more information about outstanding jobs, you gain a significant competitive edge in your sector.

Your customers will also enjoy being notified about when their job will be completed, so they won’t have to call you, freeing up your customer support for resolving client complaints.

Fissara makes your workforce independent

“Organisations with high levels of trust are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues and stay with their employers longer,” confirms Patrick Cournoyer, chief evangelist at Peakon Employee Engagement.

fissara can help you improve employee efficiency and, because they have everything in a single system, employees can work more independently without the need for constant check-ins and unnecessary admin.

Explore more product features of fissara here.

Further reading

Download our PDF guide to overcoming the challenges of COVID-19. In this free 10-page guide, discover how businesses are using latest technology to level up, increase employee performance and improve customer service.

Read our case study on TJ Transport and find out how they reduced back-office admin by 35 hours every week.

Meet Our Latest Story Teller

Congratulations Zaen

Meet the Story teller behind our MANAGE Product

We are really pleased to announce the appointment of Zaen Nakvi to the position of Product Owner for fissara Manage. This is a big position to fill but Zaen will fit into it very comfortably.

If you don’t know what a Product Owner is then hopefully this will provide a little insight. In essence they are Story Tellers, not in a Jackanory sense but to tell a development team how a product or feature needs to behave in order to meet the needs of a customer. Ultimately that story should delight the customer, this then makes for a better Story teller and so the cycle continues.

So, in the world of software development the Product Owner represents the customers interests by resolving conflicts and prioritising a list of requirements the product should have and therefore the customer has the functions and features they need to operate their business.

Zaen came to fissara as a Junior Business Analyst in December 2019 and has quickly shown his prowess in defining and delivering new features of our MANAGE proposition so the step up to Product Owner is well deserved…Congratulations Zaen!

3 Reasons Your Mobile Workforce Could Be Losing Money

More often than not, financial losses can be chalked up to simple business inefficiencies. So, if you are looking to make drastic changes to your profitability, here are 3 ways you could improve the efficiency of your on-the-road workforce.

1.  Inefficient communication with staff

Using outdated systems and old-school methods of communication can have a major impact on business efficiency. Are your staff still relying on paper-based instructions for every job? Are they using Excel, Word or Dropbox to report the details of each job?

Lacking clear communication or a systemised approach to operations can lead to confusion and diminished morale across your field teams. “Confusion has always been a challenge for leaders, managers, workers, and even just ordinary people,” says Leadership Advisor Mark Nevins.

When your communication methods are intuitive, clear and simple, employees are less likely to waste time. This can improve their productivity as they spend less time documenting and communicating with you about each job.

Your on-the-road staff are usually looking for direction, and a digital system can bring this. Interactive Training Professional, Debra Hamilton claims poor communication can cost businesses an average of £300,000 every year, even for businesses with as few as 100 employees.

The bigger the company, the more money you stand to lose if your communication isn’t effective.

In essence, your company needs to figure out a way to “communicate more using less.” And for routine interaction and job management, Excel, Word docs and emails need to go.

2.  Lack of data-driven decision making

Even if your company is logging job information and creating job reports, the real challenge is to interpret that information to get to a meaningful conclusion.

If you still rely on spreadsheets, paper-based job sheets, and file hosting services like Dropxbox or Google Drive to store information then you could be losing money. The simple fact is that it’s very difficult to interpret information about your operations when all that information is stored in several different files and formats.

Software might have the answer.

By moving to a dedicated digital system you can merge all that data into one place. This tends to improve the speed at which you can access the most important management information about your vehicles on-the-road staff. With the touch of a button you could view the P&L of an individual vehicle, or the number of jobs completed by a specific member of staff over any given time period.

Making data-driven decisions can reduce certain operational costs by 40% to 75% within a few months. Research suggests that technology can help businesses save time collecting, organising, and understanding data, allowing your employees to focus their energy on more important and productive tasks. Our own research concluded that back-office administration costs could be halved as a result.

3.  Outdated management systems

In the past, businesses have benefitted from traditional paper-based and physical document systems. But the days of room-sized filing cabinets are thankfully almost behind us; as our forests suffer the brunt of our paper usage, paper-based working has become not only costly but also unsustainable.

The outdated approach of paper-based job management and documentation gives rise to accessibility and security issues. Storing and finding documents becomes a major challenge with added costs. And if you misplace anything, you might never retrieve it. Not to mention the fact that our very own research revealed that some companies are squandering up to £10,000 every year on printing, paper, and postage.

Then along came spreadsheets. Great for storing endless amounts of data but not so good for the day-to-day management of your on-the-road staff and jobs.

The answer? A dedicated software-based approach designed to handle all these challenges from one simple interface, with dedicated apps for field and office-based staff.

How can you stop money leaks?

As studies have repeatedly concluded, automation and technology is the future of managing a field-based workforce. fissara is an intuitive workforce management system that is designed to improve your efficiency while reducing your costs.

fissara can cut down 50% of your back-office admin work and accelerate your speed of invoicing by 66%. By eliminating the need for paper-based working, fissara helps you save up to £10k per year on printing, postage and paper storage.

But wait, there’s more!

To streamline communication, you can use fissara to assign tasks in just a few clicks, so your employees know exactly what they need to do and when. And if they have any questions, they can simply refer to the full workflow information attached to each task.

fissara’s built-in reporting system also allows you to track employee productivity, so they never run behind on their deadlines.

These are just the highlights of fissara. There are nearly 70 features which you can start exploring right here.

How Vehicle Telematics Can Reduce Accident Claims and Vehicle Maintenance and Fuel Costs

“Driver error” is one of the most common causes of accidents in the UK. Of a total 108,479 crashes, sudden braking, failing to look properly, and loss of control was the significant causing factor – costing everyone, including the thousands of companies relying on their own mobile workforce, over £15 billion annually.

Research shows that vehicle telematics can not only reduce fleet accident claims but also offers several other cost benefits to companies using the technology.

Why you need to address fleet accidents in your company

Fleet accidents not only affect the drivers involved but also the company employing them. A recent report from McKinsey revealed that the average insurance claim (inclusive of property damage, staff compensation and third-party costs) was about £20,000 ($28,122) per incident.

It makes financial sense then for companies to pay attention to the rising risk (and cost) of fleet accidents.

A new survey shows that 36% of British drivers have been financially affected by a car accident that wasn’t their fault. Since this kind of monetary burden can affect an employee’s mental health and productivity, companies need to take heed of fleet accidents.

As mentioned earlier, fleet accidents are expensive. On average, 20% of company vehicles are involved in an accident every year.

What is vehicle telematics?

Vehicle telematics, which is typically retrofitted to a vehicle, is an innovative technology that collects vehicle data and stores it for later review. The types of data it collects often include driver behaviour information, video footage from the vehicle, the vehicle’s live status and its speed.

Vehicle telematics enables companies to track a driver’s location and activity, and communicate with them when necessary.

Telematics provides real-time data on each vehicle, accessed from a private admin panel or dedicated app. With features like diagnostics report and automatic collision notification, telematics data helps companies respond more quickly and efficiently to emergency situations.

How telematics reduces vehicle maintenance and fuel costs

Telematics is a data-enabled technology. The insights provided by telematics data can help to build an efficient fleet, manage vehicles, and significantly reduce maintenance and fuel costs. The data provided by telematics can also bring about profitable changes in your company almost immediately after the technology has been implemented.

Tracking behaviour

Studies have shown that telematics has a positive impact on fleet accidents and vehicle management. Monitoring driver behaviour and vehicle health enables companies to reduce fleet incidents by 80%, accident claim costs by 50%, and the overall number of claims by up to 30%.

In addition to that, telematics helps to bring down fuel costs and makes maintaining vehicles more cost-effective. By simply running regular diagnostics, you can avoid major maintenance issues and prevent excess fuel consumption.

Monitoring driving style

Aggressive driving results in more fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Drivers who drive at high speeds use 10.9% more fuel than others. Conversely, using cruise control can save an average of 5% in fuel use.

Since telematics is able to continuously monitor your drivers’ behaviour, drivers are usually more conscious of their driving style.

While environment-consciousness has made people re-evaluate their driving styles, actively educating drivers about carbon emissions can provide a tangible improvement in fuel costs overnight.

Currently, in Australia, authorities are developing a driver education program to highlight the various positive attributes of driver behaviour to improve safety, fuel use, and the environmental aspects of vehicle use in a fleet setting.

Geo-location enabled

Telematics can track miles. Because you always know where your drivers are, they enjoy little to no room to go ‘off-piste’. As a result, you have more control over their time and the amount you spend on fuel. This provides improvements in worker output and a direct reduction in fuel costs for your business.

fissara vehicle telematics to reduce fleet accident claims

fissara software is designed to help manage your workforce more efficiently. With integrated telematics, you can reduce accidents across your fleet by up to 20%.

fissara’s dedicated mobile app for drivers helps you communicate with your on-the-road staff more efficiently, as well as offering significant improvements in efficiency for your drivers as they travel around to complete jobs.

Ready to reduce vehicle accidents, improve profitability and create a better work environment for your employees? Book a demo of fissara here.