Are you thinking of developing a new line of business?

So you’ve got a great opportunity to start up a new line of business and you know there is a market for this, it’s quite similar to the kind of services you provide now to your customers. So getting things off the ground should be fairly straightforward right?

Actually this is a lot harder than it would seem; defining, developing and delivering a new product or service never really ends and that’s if you get it right first time! One of the main reasons for failure is that processes and systems aren’t there to support your “new baby” and before you know it another company has filled the gap in the market and the great idea you had gets side-lined or shelved. (Ok I’m simplifying things massively, but that’s what I like to do)

On so many occasions I’ve heard; “We have to get the system to accept..” or “We’re missing the interfaces to make this happen..” or “The system we have will just not work the way you want it to work” or “It’s not quite that simple, we’d have to upgrade..” or “I’ll speak to the software guys but its not going to be cheap!..”  All of this while a company races against time to launch a new offering. If you analyse this, simply put, your processes and more importantly your systems have let you down. Defining draft processes is quite straightforward but overlaying them onto your operational systems could quite easily put you into an early grave.

Two years ago our new baby fissara was born and as I said above the 3D’s will never really end but just become a cycle that you get used to. If you can imagine the Forth Road Bridge analogy you won’t be far wrong and the reason for this is simple; we have created a platform that has begun to, and will continue to turn the software industry on its head by giving you the ability to define, deploy and deliver an efficient software solution built on your new processes in just a few hours (but how can this be true? I hear you gasp, ).

Whats the Secret?

Well the secret is this. Every module in fissara is configurable by you! You don’t have to ask us to develop a new form or process or customer parameter or mobile application it’s already there in the system ready for you to mould to fit like a glove around your new baby. Honestly you wont believe how easy we’ve made it!

I love that theatrical “Ladies and Gentlemen.. Tada!” moment when I sit and create right “before your very eyes” a new process, attach that to an activity, schedule an engineer, who receives a job, then completes a task and captures data on a Smartphone which is sent back to the cloud to be emailed to who ever I decided would receive it only seconds earlier.

fissara actually enables you to enter that new line of business and be the first to plug that gap in the market while you shake a defiant fist at the naysayers who told you your systems and process can not adapt quickly enough to deliver that opportunity.

Allow your tenants to report problems directly..

.. to you via a FREE and simple Smartphone App!


Whether your business is Student Accommodation, Managed Offices, Rental Properties, Housing Associations or Retail Centres.

Directly connect your tenants with your business using Rectify. Whatever the problem let your clients and customers record a trouble ticket as and when they need to and provide dynamic feedback and information of when it will be resolved.

Any problems can be reported from peeling wallpaper to broken guttering or dripping taps to faulty boilers

Rectify works for Apple and Android and anyone can register and start using it. Simply select your property or landlord take a picture and report your problem and let Rectify do the rest.

Rectify will contact the managing agent or landlord and let you know every step of the way what will happen next until the problem is solved. If Rectify already knows about the problem it will let you know straight away.

Rectify will remove hundreds of telephone calls from your business and provide an accurate record of what you did, for who and when it was done.

Why Voice Engineer Dot Com chose fissara?

We are delighted to add Voice Engineer Dot Com as a new customer.

We were busy last week putting everything in place for our latest deployment of fissara…

Voice Engineer Dot Com is an independent provider of managed telecommunications. Their primary goal is to provide customers with the highest level of customer service in the telecommunications industry to all sized businesses from start up to large enterprises providing end to end delivery of voice & data networks and onsite technical installation using  field based engineering staff. With customers across the UK & Europe they help companies grow their business saving as much as 20-40% on telecom and data infrastructure.

In their own words

Heritage Manor sign up to fissara

We are delighted to announce the arrival of a new customer today. 

Heritage Manor a privately owned Care Home group is taking on our formul8 product to help and enhance the quality care they provide to their residence.

Thanks and well done to our partner Standex Systems  ( for their hard work in selling and talioring the solution and the continued development of the proposition for the Care Home market.

In 24hrs fissara launches on Growthdeck

After 6 months of searching weve now settled on Growthdeck to partner with us to raise investment and grow our business.

It’s been a rollercoaster journey that’s taken us a few times round the funding merry-go-round and given us a bumpy ride on the dodgems and left us sometimes, feeling a little sick. We’ve met some interesting people along the way, some who’ll continue to help us as we grow.

Where one journey ends another one starts. The start line for this happens to be at the OXO Tower in London on Wednesday 27th Jan where over 200 people will gather to take a look at what we’ve turned our company into and achieved over the last few years. Lets hope this journey is as exciting as the last one….

If your interested in investing please visit

Simple Efficient and Ecologically sound

We believe we have the most intuitive and powerful full workforce operational management and data capture tools on the market today!

We will be show casing our latest upgrades to fissara at the Renewables Event (Part of the Energy Event).

Stand H12 15-16 Sept 2015

We’ve added a whole host of new features to fissara and formul8 which will make the job of managing your business and capturing data even easier…

Fissara focuses on solving ecological problems by using innovative technology. Fissara eliminates tones of paper from your business using our unique formul8 module and intuitive Workflow centre, greatly optimises and monitors the distance travelled by your workforce with Proximity Scheduling and enables the management of recyclable assets outlined by ISO 55000.

Fissara is a cloud-based service that is cost effective and highly scalable. Our aim is to be the number one technology choice when considering the environment.

Our most powerful release yet…

Hot off the press – Fissara 1.2 is here!

We’ve added a whole host of new features to fissara and formul8 which will make the job of capturing data even easier…

We believe we have the most intuitive and powerful data capture tools on the market today!

After listening to our customers we’ve been busy creating new features that have put much more flexibility into capturing and viewing data.


Repeating sections and questions – When you’re designing a form you can allow the mobile user to duplicate parts of the form in the mobile app as and when they need to, so if you’re surveying a site and its grown from 1 floor to 10, you can add another floor on the fly.

Adding notes – Each section now has a field where you can put guide notes or any information you want the mobile user to see when they fill in the form, this cuts down on training and structuring long winded questions to make sure the answer is what you’re expecting.

Adding text to captured images – Not only can you draw and sketch on the images you capture on site you can now add text too. We’ve created a really simple to use tool that lets the picture do the talking.

Pinpoint completed forms – We’ve enhanced the Search and View functions online, it’s now possible to search a date range and view and export collected data in 4 different ways; Online, Microsoft Word/Excel and Adobe PDF.

Mobile Apps facelift – Well it was time to push the boundaries of our app design again so we’ve taken lots the latest Android standards and built them into our beautiful apps. There are new ways to see jobs in fissara and a great slidey menu that keeps the things tidy with more room to work.

We’re taking the P out of Project Management!

We’re all set to release “Project Centre” as a new module in Fissara.

Removing the “P’ is no mean feat, taking the Pain away helps, removing the Protracted Processes and Piles of Paperwork took some doing and prising out Poor Planning nearly finished us off.

Project Centre will help you put all your tasks, jobs, teams and trades in the same place and add a layer of automation which ensures things get done when they need to, by those who need to do it and letting you know when everything is running like clockwork or not.

“It seemed the next logical step to the evolution of Fissara to add a project management element. Were already managing jobs, task, people, skills, assets and processes so linking this all together under Project Centre builds a bigger smarter solution and puts us way ahead in the Total Operational Management space” #TOM

Get in touch to find out more about taking the P and the wonderment that is Fissara