So you’ve got a great opportunity to start up a new line of business and you know there is a market for this, it’s quite similar to the kind of services you provide now to your customers. So getting things off the ground should be fairly straightforward right?

Actually this is a lot harder than it would seem; defining, developing and delivering a new product or service never really ends and that’s if you get it right first time! One of the main reasons for failure is that processes and systems aren’t there to support your “new baby” and before you know it another company has filled the gap in the market and the great idea you had gets side-lined or shelved. (Ok I’m simplifying things massively, but that’s what I like to do)

On so many occasions I’ve heard; “We have to get the system to accept..” or “We’re missing the interfaces to make this happen..” or “The system we have will just not work the way you want it to work” or “It’s not quite that simple, we’d have to upgrade..” or “I’ll speak to the software guys but its not going to be cheap!..”  All of this while a company races against time to launch a new offering. If you analyse this, simply put, your processes and more importantly your systems have let you down. Defining draft processes is quite straightforward but overlaying them onto your operational systems could quite easily put you into an early grave.

Two years ago our new baby fissara was born and as I said above the 3D’s will never really end but just become a cycle that you get used to. If you can imagine the Forth Road Bridge analogy you won’t be far wrong and the reason for this is simple; we have created a platform that has begun to, and will continue to turn the software industry on its head by giving you the ability to define, deploy and deliver an efficient software solution built on your new processes in just a few hours (but how can this be true? I hear you gasp, ).

Whats the Secret?

Well the secret is this. Every module in fissara is configurable by you! You don’t have to ask us to develop a new form or process or customer parameter or mobile application it’s already there in the system ready for you to mould to fit like a glove around your new baby. Honestly you wont believe how easy we’ve made it!

I love that theatrical “Ladies and Gentlemen.. Tada!” moment when I sit and create right “before your very eyes” a new process, attach that to an activity, schedule an engineer, who receives a job, then completes a task and captures data on a Smartphone which is sent back to the cloud to be emailed to who ever I decided would receive it only seconds earlier.

fissara actually enables you to enter that new line of business and be the first to plug that gap in the market while you shake a defiant fist at the naysayers who told you your systems and process can not adapt quickly enough to deliver that opportunity.