.. to you via a FREE and simple Smartphone App!


Whether your business is Student Accommodation, Managed Offices, Rental Properties, Housing Associations or Retail Centres.

Directly connect your tenants with your business using Rectify. Whatever the problem let your clients and customers record a trouble ticket as and when they need to and provide dynamic feedback and information of when it will be resolved.

Any problems can be reported from peeling wallpaper to broken guttering or dripping taps to faulty boilers

Rectify works for Apple and Android and anyone can register and start using it. Simply select your property or landlord take a picture and report your problem and let Rectify do the rest.

Rectify will contact the managing agent or landlord and let you know every step of the way what will happen next until the problem is solved. If Rectify already knows about the problem it will let you know straight away.

Rectify will remove hundreds of telephone calls from your business and provide an accurate record of what you did, for who and when it was done.