So June 15th is #NationalCleanAirDay, what does that mean? Well, National Clean Air Day is coordinated by Global Action Plan and aims to educate, share information and take action on the issue of air pollution; air pollution harms the health of millions but the actual dangers of air pollution is unknown to many. We thought we’d take to our blog to give you 3 top tips for taking action this #NationalCleanAirDay

Park the Car!

Leave the car on the drive and use your feet. Walk, cycle or even jog to work! Not only will you be reducing air pollution you’ll be improving your own health and vitality. Win – Win. If exercise isn’t for you, perhaps you could begin carpooling with a colleague or working from home, swap face to face meetings for video calls, avoid the pollution of traveling and get an extra hour in bed!

Do Some Research!

Look into your energy suppliers, choose renewable energy tariffs and reduce the pollution produced by non-renewable resources such as coal.

Start at Home!

All good things start in the home, gas and electricity contribute gigantic amounts to air pollution, if you want to reduce air pollution in the environment you need to conserve energy in your home: turn your lights off when you leave a room, fill the kettle with the required amount, not only will you reduce air pollution you will also see hefty bills reduce!