Our technology removes the obstacles that get in the way of your business’s progress and productivity. We have built a better way of doing things – one that helps you achieve more, save money, and reduce waste. fissara software helps you plan, manage, schedule and track every aspect of your mobile workforce as they move.

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Fissara already helps


Asset Management

Manage your assets and components in real time

Mobile Workers

Make sure your mobile workers have everything they need at their fingertips

Stock Management

Track your material and equipment in real-time

Human Resource Management

Ensure the smooth running of your workplace operations and consistent customer interactions

Management Reports

Access dynamic dashboards and configurable management reports

Project Management

Get everything you need to manage projects and meet delivery schedules

Fissara products

Level up your mobile workforce

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Optimise your skip and plant management

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Enhance your property maintenance processes

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Find custom software solutions for better business

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How Fissara software supports sustainable business


Over 210,000 electronic forms have been completed on our current version of software.

Nearly 400,000 photos have been taken and stored electronically by engineers using our apps.


We already deliver efficiencies to companies in solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

We wholeheartedly support a drive towards Renewable Energy. We are committed to help any business that is striving to stop our children inheriting the problem.

Cost reduction

When using our software customers see up to 50% reduction in their people and contract admin costs.

Our software enables our customers to save on print, copying and postal charges.

Total savings:

  • 120 trees collectively
  • 4300 litres of diesel
  • 26 van tyres
  • 64 vehicle services
  • 70 litres of printer ink
  • post and packing £54k
  • up to 300k of salaries
  • our ‘national heritage’

Fuel cost reduction

Efficient scheduling saves 10% of our users fuel costs.

Wear and tear and annual mileage of vehicles is dramatically reduced.


We help to maintain over 2000 miles of the UK’s canals, rivers and reservoirs. We provide technology to help support Britain’s flood defences.

9000 critical assets including the Anderton Boat Lift, a marvel from the industrial age built in 1875 are supported by our software made in 2017.

A significant reduction in our customers’ carbon footprint